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ticular Sins

· I am an unclean and sinful Creature. I accuse my felf of many wicked Thoughts and Desires; of many wanton and evil Words ; of many naughty and ungodly Deeds. ( Particularly

*). For all which I am * Herepartruly Penitent, from the depth to be menu of my Soul. And am stedfaîtly tioned. resolved (if thou shalt please to restore me to my Health) to shew forth the Fruits of Repentancë, in my future Course of Life.

"And therefore in all' Lowliness and Humility of a broken Heart, I beg my Pardon; and cry unto Thee, O God, for Mercy towards me a most Sinful and Unworthy Creature. That thou, whose Nature and Property it is to forgive Sinners, and ever to. have Mercy upon them that tru=' ly turn unto Thee; wouldīt vouchsafe, of thy greas Pity and Goodness, to give me the Com


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I Aving proceeded thus far;

1 What can further be done by the Sick Person', to fatisfy Himself and Others of the Sincerity of his Repentance ?

Indeed, as I hinted before, the sureft Evidence of the Truth and

Sincerity of Repentance, is Reformation and Amendment of Life. When a Man doth cease to

do Evil; and doth no more allow · himself in those wicked Practices, which he formerly indulged; then we truly say, He doth Repent.

But to deal faithfully with the Dying Person, this Restraint from Sin is to be understood, with respect to the time of his former Health and Vigour ; and not to the present Confinement

For whatever his Practice may have been in the former time of his Health, his present Weakness doth sufficiently convince him ; That however his Inclination to fome Sins may continue, yet now that he is confined to a Sick Bed, he hath neither Ability nor Opportunity to commit them.

What the former Pastages of his Life have been; and how far in the time of his Health, he did

Sick Bed.

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