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Come unto me all ye that labour, and are heavy laden , and I mill give you. rest. Matth. xi.^8.

This is a faithful faying , and worthy of all acceptation , that Christ Jesus came into the world to save Sinners j- of whom I am the chief, i Tim. 1.15".

For God jo loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever helieveth in him, should not perish , but have everlasting Life.

For Cod sent not his Son into the world, to condemn the world; lut that the world through him might le saved. Joh. 3, 16, 17.

Go, and fin no more, then will not I condemn thee. John 8. 11.

7here is therefore now no condemnation to them which< are in Christ Jesus; who walk-not after the flefb , but after the Spirit. Rom. 8. 1.' -"

If ^any man fin, we have an AdrChrist the Righteous; and he is the Propitiation for our Sins. i John 2. i, x.

vocate with the Father , Jesus

'."■, Christ

The Blood of Jesus Christ his Son , cleanseth us from all Sin. I Joh. 1.7.

The.Lord is long-suffering to usward)' not willing that any [should perist, hut that all Jhould come to Repentance, z Pet. 3. 9.

/ fay unto you , that Joy stall be in Heaven over one Sinner that repenteth. Luk. 15-. 7.

The Sick Man having .confirmed his Faith, and raised his Hope, by reading and considering these comfortable Promises, Iec him then,thus continue,his Prayers.

FRom Hardness of Heart, and Contempt of thy Word and Commandment,

, Good Lord, deliver me.

""' J'

OThat it may please thee togive me true Repentance; to forgive me all my Sins, NegliE 5 gences,

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gences, and Ignorances; and to endue me with the Grace of thy holy Spirit; to amend my Life according to thy holy Word.


Ememler not, Lord, mine iniquities, nor the iniquities of my Forefathers, neither take thou -vengeance of my Sins. Spare me,, good Lord , spare thy Servant,. whom thou hast redeemed with thy most precious Blood, and le not angry with me for ever.

Spare me good Lord. From thy Wrath, and from everlasting Damnation,

Good Lord, Deliver me. In the hour of Death, and in the day of Judgment,.

Good Lord, Deliver me.

From- T Confess unto Thee, O God, n,c&*.. J ajj-my Sins. which I acknowledge , through my ^ most grievous Fault, ,to: have'committed againit thy moit awful Majesty, .' I am

I am aft unclean and sinful Creature. I accuse my self of many wicked Thoughts and' Desires; of many wanton and evil Words; of many naughty and ungodly Deeds. (Particularly

-* . * ) For all which I am * «TM/>**•

truly Penitent, from the depthS^ of my Soul. And am sted lastly "'•»«/. resolved Cif thou shalt please to restore me to my Health) to. sliew forth the Fruits of Repentance, in my future Course of Life.

And therefore in all Lowliness and Humility of a broken Heart, I beg my '"Pardon; and cry unto Thee, O God, for Mercy towards me a most Sinful and Unworthy Creature. That thou, whose Nature and Property it is, to forgive Siriners, and ever to, have Mercy upon them that truly turn unto Thee; wouldst vouchsafe, of thy great Pity and Goodness, to give me the Comfort

fort of Absolution, and a perfect Remission of all my Sins -7 and to bring me unto Life everlasting, through Jesus Christ. 2fr men, .. .,. . . •. .

TH E Sick Person having thus made an Humble Confession, of his Sins; and most earnestly begged Pardon , for the lake of Jesus Christ... Let him then make faithful Promises ,. and firm Resolutions, That if God shall please to continue his Life* and restore him to his Health , r. he will amend and reform those wicked Practices; of which, upon a strict Examination, he doth acknowledge himself .to be guilty.; and for which he' doth now , .with the .deepest Sorrow, Condemn, himself: ". ..'.' .. . ;/ ......

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