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Lord, lift thou up the light of thy Countenance upon me; and in all the Pains of my Body, in all the Agonies of my Spirit, let thy Comforts refresh my Soul; And enable me patiently to wait, till my Change come.

And grant, O Lord, that when my Earthly House of this. Tabernacle is dissolved; I may have a Building of God, art House not made with hands, Eternal in the Heavens. Through him, who by his precious Blood hath Purchased it for me, ever* Jesus Christ. Amen,

From /~\ Sweet Jesus, I desire neiHKcsim. \^J ther Lise> nor rjeath, btit

thy most holy Will. Thou art the thing, O Lord, that I long, for; be it unto me according to thy good pleasure.. If it be thy Will to have me Die, receive my Soul. And grant that in thee, and with thee, I may receive ever-. lastingRest.." "If

If it be thy Will to have me live any longer upon Earth, give me Grace to amend the rest of my Life, and with good Works to glorify thy holy Name: Who with the Father, and the Holy Ghost, livest and reignest eve* one God , World without end. Amen.

Having thus Commended your Self to God, Dp nut defer to Settle and Dispose of your Temporal Estate, by making your Will.

That this ought in Prudence to be done, whilst you are in Health; and should not be deferred, ss too often it is, to a Sick and Dying Bed; / have endeavoured to convince you in a distinct Discourse; To which I refer you.

Tour Temporal Estate being Set tiedand Bequeathed, and jour just Debts Stated; (what You your self Owe to Others, and what Others Owe to You) I am next to Mmoni/h You to take care of your Health, by consulting some aile Physician.

B 4. Of Of Consulting the Phyfician.

IF you observe your Distemper to increase, then do not defer to send for your Physician. But desire his Advice in the Beginning of your Sickness ,• before Nature is too weak, or the Disease is come to Extremity.

.And do not suspect his Skill, or think him the less faithful, (nor be you discouraged , as if your Cafe was Desperate) if at first he prescribes you Nothing.

"Tis a gross Mistake in some Patients, to think themselves neglected, if they are not loaded with Physick. For 'tis well known, you may surfeit on Physick as well as Food j and in some Cases, the Apothecaries Shop may be as dangerous as the Shambles.

Be not you therefore the • less Grateful to your Physician, nor diminish his Fee, because he doth not prescribe you the 'long Bi/L But thankfully submit to his Methods, whilst in prudence heholds his Pen, and only observes, the Motion of the Humours, and how Nature works, (as we phrase it) whereby he will be Directed how to proceed.

But before you send to your Physician, 'tis neceflary to look, up to God, the great Physician of Soul and Body: For wan lives not by Bread, nor recovers by Physick alone; but by every word out of the mouth of God, to give a Blessing unto both.

Beg therefore of God to direct your Physician, to prescribesuch Medicines as may be pro-; per for your Cafe; and may by the Divine Blessing be effectual,* to restore you to your former

Health. ;■*•■ >:

... . ... t.. , .%

B 5 A

A Prayer before Taking of Phyfick.

O Almighty God and Merciful Father, to whom alone belong the Islues of Life and Death; thou hillest and makest alive; thou bringest down to the Grave, aud raiseft up again. I come unto Thee as to the only Physician, who canst cure my Soul from Sin, and my Body from Sickness. I desire neither Life nor Death, but resign my &\t to thy most: holy WillBut since thou hast appointedoutward Means for the Curing of Sickness,and Restoring of Health; Thave sent to thv Servant, the Physician, who hath prepared these Medicines for me,- Which. I receive as Means sent from thy Fatherly Hand.

O that it would please thee of thine infinite Goodness and Mercy, to. sanctify this Physick to


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