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World; how stall a Sick Mars, who is confined to his Bed, and hath neither the Ability , nor Opportunity to commit his Sin; I fay, How can such a Man have the comfortable Satisfaction, that he doth Repent of his Sins + To this I Answer:

I must be so faithful to my Office as to Declare ,• That Repentance is the Work of our whole Lives, and must not be des err et till the time of our Death.

Some Men talk of Repentance, as if it were a Thing that might be done in a few Days, when they please; and that the most proper Season for Repentance, is a little before their Death.

But this is a most fatal Mistake, and it is a seasonable Charity to Admonish against it.

Indeed the Mercies of God are infinite; and he may accept Resolutions of Amendment, for Amendment it self,- when h& sees them hearty and sincere, i; But as they seldom are so, when made and professed by Habitual Sinners in the time of their Sickness (as often appears upon their Recovery) 'tis very pertirient to instruct them, in the words of Bp. Andrews, this fashion of Repenting, T can fay little to; But I pray God, it deceive us not. It is not good trying Conclusions about our Souls.


However, if such Men are so unhappy, as never to have Repented till their last Sickness, they must do what they can; and are to seek for Repentance* even now , with the bitterest Tears. Though they perceive that they are in the gall of bitternefs, and in the bond of iniquity', yet let them endeavour to Repent of this their Wickedness, and pray Gt>d, if perhaps the Thoughts of their heart way be forgiven them

. .' But But these are not the Persons, to whom I am now Addressing myself; but it is to such., as have long before in the time of Health, repented of their Sins with true Contrition; and have troughs forth fruits meet for Repentance.

We are therefore to enquire j What is it, that these Pious Persons are to do, in the time of Sickness , and on the Approach of Death i

I Answer: They are not now to begin their Repentance ,• which we suppose to have been the practice of their former Life , but they are to perfect and compleat it.

Which they are to do in this Method.,

'i. They are to make an humhle Confession of their Sins.

x. They are to leg Pardon for their Sins , for the fake of Jesus Cbrtfi.' 3, n

3. To make firm Resolutions of Reformation and Amendment; if God shall please to continue their IJves, .■■ and restore them to their Health.

. 4. she Sick Person is to evidence the truth of his Repentance, by Chanty, W Restitution.

Charity is expressed, 1. in Giving. .-%: Forgiving.

Of Charity in Giving, (theNature, theNecet iity, and the Measures c. t) I have large-. ly treated in A Theologica( ;^{course of fr'iSt and Testaments. T» which i refer. ^ ,,

Concerning Charity in For.. ^, the Sick Man is thus Admonished in the Order for the Visitation os'the Sick: To be in Charity with aU the World. Particularly he is exhorted, I. To forgive from the bottom of his heart, all Persons that have offended him. a. If he have offended any other, to ask them forgiveness.

These are the Parts or Steps of Repentance, which are strictly to be Examined and Practised, by the Sick and Dying Person.

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Of Confeffioit of Sins. -,

COnsession of Sins is a necessary Part of your daily Prayers: and as such ought to be the constant uninterrupted Practice of your whole Lives.

But when Death approaches, and that you are preparing for your last and great Account; then it highly concerns you te be punctual and particular in the Confession of your Sins.

And having recollected, as exactly as you can, the former Passages; most humbly Confess all the Sins and Failings of your Life past.

And for your Direction and Encouragement, in the Performance of this necessary Dmy, I shall transcribe severafPlaces of H. Scripture,

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