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· When thou art laid upon a Bad of Sickness, and art fretful and uneasy at fuch Confinement; and art much out of humour, that thou hast not the Liberty to range abroad into the World, to follow thy Business and thy Pleasures, as in time of Health ; Then consider, that this restraint is intended for thy Good. It is to secure thy Innocence, and keep thee from Sin. .

For, if now thou wert abroad in the World, and didst enjoy thy former health and vigour, pollibly the Devil hath provided such a Temptation for thee,, at this very time, as would certainly prevail , . and might occasion thy Eternal Ruin. S iis

But God in his great Mercy, by this. Sickness, withdraws thee from the Temptation; and as it were, hides thee out of the way, till the occasion is remo.


And thus the Sickness of thy Body; may be the Saving of thy Soul Bear it therefore Patiently and Thankfully. ii.

4. The Fourth Benefit of mi. ..?! Sickness. 1

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His Sickness and Pain, doth wean you from this World.

We are expresly commanded; Not to love the World, neither the things that are in the World. I John 2. 15. Not to set our affeEtions on things on the Earth. Col. 3. 2. Not to lay up for our selves treasures on the Earth. Matth. 6. 19. But are plainly Admonished, that it is our Duty, To be crucified to the World. Gal. 6. 14. And to converse as Strangers and Pilgrims on the earth." Heb. II. 13.

But this we find to be à difficult Task. For we think this

in C5 lower

lower World, this Globe of Earth- which we now inhabit, to be a very fine delightful Place. (Not that it is really so in it felf, for it is but a dark Prison; if compared with those vast' Regions of Liglit? and Splendor which are above ;) but I say, Tie do fancy it is a very pleasant Place, because as yet we have rever feen a better : And I must pertinently add, we are not yet qualified for a better. '. 7777

The truth is, we are so palfionately fond of this World, rhat we have Ylender inclination to proyide for the next

Though we are as fure, That thiere are Things Eternal; as that there are Things Temporal ; That there are Spiritual Joys in the other World; as that there are Sensual Satisfactions in this; yet thiese Spiritual Joys, because fu

and at a distance, do but Ettle affect us.


7. But the Things of this World, and the Objects of Sense, are so agreeable to our fletaly Nata tures; they are so suited to the Frame and Temper of our Earthly Bodies, that they make great Impresiion upon us."

For, God having designed us to Sojourn for a while in this kower World, hath not only made us capable to relish it's Ens joyments, but hath also made them necessary for the support and continuance of our frail decaying Natures. ;; :*

Whilst we are in this world, there must be Eating and Drinka ing Marrying, and giving in Marriage. But in the other World, into which we must shortly remove, there will be no occasion for any of these Things.

Since therefore in the other World, we must live to all Etermity without these sensual Satiffactions, let us learn to mode


rate our Desires of them; and in fome sepse whilft we arerin the Body, to live without it.dont03 ... But this, I say,whilst in Health and Vigor, we find to be a very difficult Work. And therefore to assist us in our Duty, and to enable us to despise the Charms and Dalliance of this flattering World, God is pleased as an instance of his tender Care over us to take us into his School, the School of Affliction, there by gentle Discipline to teach us this great Lesson, Of being more tified to the World. Le

And in order to our improvement, he usually proceeds in this Method. is -. ..!. !?

If he doth not take this World from us, (by depriving us of our greatest Comforts) he then takes us from this World, even whilst we are in it: By embit tering it to us; and by making us uncapable to relish its Enjoyiments,


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