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P Raise the Lord^ 0 my Sou/, and all t-hat is within me Praise his Jjoly Nattie^

Praise the Lord, 0 my&duL, ttnd forget not all his Benefits.

Whosorgweth all thy SJns, and ■healeth all thy Diseases.

Who Pecleemed fly Life from "Death, and crewneth thee with loving Kindness , and tender Mer~ ires.


There was na Health in my flesh, because of bis Displeasure; neither uxu there any Rest in my bones, by reason of my Sin.

My Soul abhorred all manner of Meat: and I was even hard at Death's door.

J hen cried I unto thee, OLord; .r '* and got me to my Lord right hum

I said, 0 my God, take me mt away in the midst of mine Age.

0 spare me a little, that I may recover my Strength; before I op hence, and be no more seen.

So when I cried unto the Lord in my Trouble, he delivered me out of my Distress.

He sent his word, and healed'' .me: and I was saved from my Destruction.

0 what great Troubles and Adversities hast thou shewed me; and yet didst thou turn and quicken me; yea, and broughtest me from the deep of the Earth again.

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Therefore will I praise thee and :-" ". thy Faithfulness , 0 God; frwfΠoffer ttnto my God Thanksgiving and pay my Vows onto the most Higt.

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From /~\ Lord God, who hast in thy Mt.Ktn. y^J tender Mercy prolonged my Days in this World; give me Grace to spend that Life thou hast now lengthned, in thy Service. '.•:-'

O give me Grace, to perform all my Resolutions of New Obedience; and so to live in the Filial Fear of Thee, all the Remainder of my Life j That I may at last Die at Peace with my Self, at Peace with the whole World, and at Peace with Thee; through thy well-beloved Son, my Blessed Saviour JeHiS Christ.. Amen.

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T Praise thee, / Bless thee, f g~

.1. Worship thee, / Glorify thee, vice.

/ give Thanks to thee; 0 Lord

God, Lamb of God, Son of the

Father, that takest away the Sins

of the World.

For thou only art Holy, thou only art theLord; thou only, 0 Christ, with the Holy Ghost, art most High in the Glory of God the Father, Amen.

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BMifs printed for B. Aylmcr.

A Vindication oF the Immortality of the Soul, and a Future State. Sz/o. Price i s. 6 d. -— An Exposition on the ChurchCatechifin. Price 6 4.'

. A Discourse concerning a

Death-Bed Repentance. Price bound 6 A.

A Method of Daily Devotion. 240. Price 2 d.

of Devotion for the Lord's

Day. 240. Price x J. ,.'.„":

An Exhortation to the Holy'

Communion. 240. Price 2 d. ——A Discourse against Drunkenness, Cursing, and Swearing. 24a. Price 2 d.

•«*—> against Blasphemy. 24c.

Price 2 d. '.

^ against Debauchery and

Prophaneness. 240. Price 2 d

.- Directions for Prayer,, price

2 d.'

—A Me

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