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Receive him /»the Arms of thy Mercy j and give him <w Inheritance with thy Saints in light.

There to Reign with thy Ele8 Angels, thy Blejsed Saints departeds thy Holy Prophets, and Glorious Apostles; in all Joy, Glory, Felicity, and Happiness, for ever and ever. Amen.

INto thy Merciful Hands, O From Lord, we commend the Soul *. c'Jinl. of this thy Servant, now departing from the Body.

Acknowledge, we meekly beseech thee, a Work of thine own Hands,* a Sheep of thine own Fold,* a Lamb of thine own Flock,* a Sinner of thine own Redeeming.

Receive him into the blesled Arms of thy unspeakable Mercy; into the sacred Rest of Everlasting Peace • and into the glorious Estate of thy Chosen Saints in Heaven. Amen.

..\\ God

Gad the Father, who hath Created thee;

God the Son , who hath Redeemed thee,*

God the Holy Ghost , who harh infused his Grace into thee;

Be now, and evermore,, thy Defence; Assist thee in this thy last Trial, and bring thee into . the way of Everlasting Life.: ; . ... Christ that Redeemed thee with his Agony and bloody. Death, have Mercy upon thee, and strengthen thee in this Agony of Death.

Christ Jesus that rose the Third Day from Death, raise up thy Body again in the Resurrection of the Just.

Christ that Ascended into Heaven, and now sitteth at the Right Hand of God, fearing thee to the Place of Eternal Happiness . and Joy.

.... ' v .1.'. '.' . i... .

:.. God


* God the Father, preserve and keep thee, God the Son, assist and streng••3 then thee,- f

God the Holy Ghost, defend -. - and comfort thee. l■;,

1 - God *he Holy Trinity, fcee-
ver with thee.
That thy Death may be preci-
ous in the sight of the Lord;
with 'whom -thou mast live for
-evermore. Amen.

O Saviour of the World, who Visitation
by thy Crofts and precious ^the
filood, hast Redeemed us; save,
and help this thy Departing'Ser-
vant, we humbly beseech thee,
O Lord. Amen. ■■

'TpH E Almighty Lord', who '-■ JL is a most strong; Tower to all them that put their Trust in him.; to whom all things in Heaven, in Earth, and under the Earth, do bow and obey; be now and evermore thy Defence j and make thee know and feel, that there is none other Name under Heaven given* to Man, in whom, and through whom, thou may est receive Health and Salvation, but^nly the Name of our- Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. ; ■; - x W^ >V V>

T TNto Gods gracious Mercy V^l and Protection we commit thee. Tlie Lord Blefe thee; and Keep thee. The Lord make his Face to shine upon thee, and be Gracious unto thee. The Lord Hft up his Countenance upon thee, and give thee Peace; potk now and evermore. Am?*.

When the Company doth observe the Dying Man to be at the very point of

*• xf?*» ** thcm riien ^vouriy siy A«

Wuewing Prayec ■ v\„~v*i

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