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x. Hast thou defrauded Servants of their Wages, Labourers of their Hire , or Creditors of their just Debts?

The Examination on the Ninth ,; i ,. I Commandment. I i o ;. ?* c .: ,:. ;!; ;'./.; .it) < .).';:!} is;.;/ *• FT Ast thou upon all OccaIJ sions, been Witness to the Truth, without fear or flattery? . ..., .rjj fail

z. Hast thou said any thing falsly, that hath been injurious to the good Name and Reputation of another? • •,:

Or, hast thou pleased thy self, either in inventing, or spreading R umors of that kind? .

3. Dost thou willingly give ear to Slanderers, and to such as go about with Lies? Or, dost thou abhor them , both in thy Self and Others >;.'

%hc Examination on the Tenth ^vC<mmandment.. \'j-:k'

i. "TXOst thou rest contented JL/ in that Condition, or State of Life* wherein God hath placed thee > Or hast thou at any time inordinately lusted after that which belongs to Others?

%. Hast thou entertained secret Coverings in thy Thoughts, with any Delight or Complacency? Or, hast thou laboured to restrain them, and quench them in their first Beginnings?

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When the Sick Man hath distinctly read, and seriously considered these several Articles; let him then thus make Application.

1. When his Confidence accuseth him, he may fay thus. / confess my Guilt. And, O my God, wash it away in thi Blood of Jefu4: and be merciful to me a Miserable Sinner.

3. When he doubts, and is in sulpence, he may say thus. O God, enlighten me, and tleanse me from my secret Faults.

3. When

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j. When his Conscience acquits him, he may sey thus. Lord, 1 bUss thee, fir keeping mejfrfm this Sin.

From /T^l Loj^gqcjj I have now by \J. v»%. asii%pce considered mj evnVjYayp,.,. .Q thou who only knowe$f,tlie pjtffiv[ and who only canst change it; create in .rn$ such. .a, broken and contrite He,a#, (which thou hast promises not t;o. despise)' and so deep a sense of; my ,own $n and Misery j my Repeptasce may bear sopae proportion, to my Guilt. O my God, pardon-all my Transgressions; and perfect thatgppd Work thou hast begun in me j for the.Merits of Jesus my Saviour, Ameq, ,

The Lord's-Prayer is always to Conclude the Sick Christian's Private Devotions.


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4. Hereby the Sick Man declares , he doth Dye in .the I*eace and Comrntiriidri ,.Qf .the true Church. r > ,.

And yet 'ti> pertinent to Observe; That tho' the CÆwrÆ of England doth allow of Private Sacraments, yet it is with certain Limitations and Restricti..... ons.. Vox', '..."

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,1. The Sick Person must give timely notice to the Curate. It, being not decent, that so SoJenik an Action as this, mould be done in a hurry. i

z. He must stgnify, how many there are to Communicate with hhny {Which shall be Three, or Tw<6\ at the least.)

.3. There must le a convenient Place in the Sick Man's fibufa, with all things necejfary so prefih.... rets; that the Curate may Reve-. . rentljAdminister. ,,' '/.• .t..'\r

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