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1" Sis not pretend, in Appointing these Les

- sons, to impose a Task upon the Sick

Man. Nor can I prescribe how many


PsabnrmiA £f//iwaTetoberead, norhow many Praj/erf.zx%'to\. he repeated it one Time. The Weakness and Circumstances of the Sick Patient, are in such Cases to be considered.

The Sick Marts.Self-Exa-

IN the Order for the Visitation of the Sick, the Church of England (whose Pious Directions I desire always to follow *) <3oth thus Admonish the Sick and Dying Person.

'Forasmuch as after this Life, there is an Account to be given unto the righteous Judge , by whom all must be judged, without rcfpell of Persons; I require you to tyam ine your Self and your Estate, both toward God and Man,: [so that accusing and condemning your Self for your own Faults, you may find Mercy at our heavenly Fathers O 4 hands hands for Christ'rsake i and not be accused and condemned in that fear ful 'judgment.


The Sick Man being thus Admonished,

Jet him then proceed to the performance

of this great Duty. And First, let him be convinced of the Se

ctffity of it, by thus expostulating with



Motives to Examination. From /*"°\ My Soul, thou art now in

IK Ken. ^J ^ prefejCe 0f t<ae great

Judge of Heaven and Earth. Before whose dreadful Tribunal thou must certainly appear at the Day of Judgment, to give a strict Account of all thy Actions i and of every idle Word, and of every evil Thought. And then my own Conscience will be my Accuser.

Think, O my Soul, think, if thou canst, what unimaginable Terrors will seize an impenitent

.Sinner; when, the last Trun>p calls him out of his Grave, and the Devils begin to drag him to God's Judgment-Seat.

What would such a Wretch give, to purchase One such Opportunity of Repentance, as God now in great Mercy gives thee > If ever thou hopest to escape those Horrors, O my Soul, make thy Peace with God: and judge thy self here, lest thou be condemned hereafter.

And may he that searcheth the Heart, and trieth the Reins, discover to me all the Evil, and Deceits of my own Heart: That I may confess* and bewail, and forsake them; and obtain Mercy , through Jesus my Saviour.. Amen.

The next Thing to be considered, is, How,. and in What Manner this Seif-Examinat/m Ji to be made

And herein likewise the Sick Man is thui plainly instructed by our Gliurch.

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