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lick Congregation. Whereby this Prayer, tho' pronounced by another, will be offered up to God as his own Prayer.

I desire my Parishioners to get this Prayer by heart, in the time of their Health: That so they may repeat it, with less Dt

(hirbance, upon a Sick Bed.


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B Elides these constant stated Prayers, the Sick Man must often, at other times of the Day, make his Prayer to God, as his Strength and Circumstances will permit, and as the State of his Soul may require. s t i

And herein I shall desire such Persons, as are pleased to accq^t of my Help, to observe the Directions in this little Book. For instance.

If the Sick Man's Pain, or his Confinement doth tempt him to Impatience; let him then read, or cause to be read, the Scwptures and Prayers concerning Patience; from Pag. 49. to P. f 8.

'U•i. When

When he doth exercise his Repentance, let him read from P. 66. to P. 86.

If he doubts the Pardon of his Sins, and is Tempted to Despair; let him read from P. 114. to P. zx8.

; If he is troubled for his Relatives, his Wife and Children, because he leaves them poor and unprovided for; let him read from P. %^i. to P. 147.

If he is afraid to Die j let him read from P. 147. to P.zSz. •'

When any of the Visitants do Pray with the Sick Person, or for him; the Office for the Vijitation of she Sick, in the Service Book, will be most proper for them. And much better than their own private Extemptre Effusions.

For to express my Self with Freedom; long continued Prayers are not so suitable for languishing decaying Persons: Whose Weakness is much better complied with; and whose Devotion is more effectually cherished; by the short, but Pathetic! Collects and Resoonsals of our Church.

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The Bible therefore is the best Companion, and the best Comforter for a Sick Christian. Who may. fay of this Book , in the words• of David i This is my Comfort in my Ajflittion. Pfol. 119. 50.

Particularly , the Book of Psalms (as the late Judicious and Pious Dr.*.//ham doth tx-*Mdaily press it) is such an « Admirable °£"j£. * Entertainment for a Sick Chfi-which 1 'stian, that Steep it self (whenheartiJy 'most wanted) cannot be more3!" 'refreshing to him.

In Chronical Diseases, which are lingring and gentle, the Sick Man may read the Psalms in Order, as Directed by the Church. But in violent acute Distempers, he must be content to do as he can; and as the Circumstances he is under, will permit.

In such a Case, let him read some of the following Psalms, as he shall have strength to at* tend them.

o z nz.

Viz. Psal. 71. (appointed in the Visitation of the Sick.) And the Seven Penitential Psalms; viz. Psal. 6. 32. 38. yi. 102. 130. 143. To which he may• add, Fsal. 16. 19. 23. zj. 39. 42. 103. 139. 146.

I do not transcribe these Psalms ac large, since they may as conveniently be read out of the Bible ; which ( with the CommanPrsyer, the Whole Duty of Man, and other Devotional Books ) I suppose to be constantly laid in the Sick Man's Chamber.

Only I think it convenient to give Come Direction, for the more profitable Reading of the Bible. For though the whole Bible is God's Word, and is of Divine Inspiration, yet some Parts of that Holy Book, are more peculiarly fitted, to the State and Confinement of a Sick Bed.


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