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I mention this, because I fear it is a common Miftake in Sick Persons, to fancy, That their Weakness may excuse their Pray. ers : And that in such a Cafe, God will accept the Will for the Deed. .

They say, They think upon God, and will Pray with their Hearts. And this they hope will be suffit çient.

To which I Answer :: 'When the Sick Person is in extremis, and is reduced to such Weakness, that he is either Speechless, or cannot use his Voice without Difficulty and Pain in fuch a Case let him comfortably be assured, that our Gracious God, who knows our Frame, will accept of the Defires of his Heart, and his Sighs and Groans fhall be all' Vocal...

But whilft he hath so much Strength, as to talk to his Vilitants and Attendants, let him


know and consider, that it is his Duty toʻtalk with God. To lift up his Voice as well as his Heart, to God in the Heavens. And let him say with David. is · As for me, I will call upon God: and the Lord fall save me. 16

Evening and Morning, and at Noon will I pray, and cry aloud And he shall bear my voice. Pfal. 55. 16, 17.

However, let him not doubt, but that God considers his Weakgess. And when he cannot Pray as he would ; let him Pray as he can: and the Lord accept him.'.

Now, to make the Sick Man's Daily Prayers as easy as possible, I propofe him this Method. :?

In the Morning, or when he is best Difpofed, (for all Sick Perfons have their Lucid Intervals ;-) let him say, his usual Morning Prayers; and then let laim add the following Prayer..

A Pray.

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Grant, that I may take my Sicknefs patiently, and recover my Bodily Health, if it be thy gracious Will. ;

I know, O Lord, if thou wilt, thou canft răife me up, and grant me a longer Continua ance in this World.

But however thou shalt be pleased to deal with Me, fo fit and prepare Me, I beseech thee, against the Hour of Death, when ever thy good Providence fhall Order it ; That when my Soul Ahall depart from the Body, it may be without Spot presented unto Thee. -''

And after my Departure hence in Peace, and in thy Favour ; receive Me into those Heavenly Habitations, where the Souls of them that Sleep in the Lord Jesus, enjoy perpetual Rest and Felicity.'

Grant this, O Lord, for thy Mercies sake, and for the alone


Merits and Mediation of Jesus
Chrift, thine only Son, our
Lord and Saviour;
'Who hath taught us thas to
Pray: tien 1


UR Father, which art in

Heaven ; Hallowed be thiy Name Thy Kingdom come; Thing will be done in Earth, as it is in Heaven's Give us this Day our dvily bread; and forgive us our trespades; as we forgive them that trespass against ús : And lead us not into Temptation but deliver us from evil. For thine is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

At Night let him again repeat the fame)

Prayer, after his ufual Evening Prayers. If the Sick Man cannot conveniently read

this Prayer himself, then let fome of his - Attendants read it for him. And let it . be read in the First Perfom; and let the Sick Man Repeat it after him that Reads it, as he doth the Confession in the Pub

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