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Against Fear of Death.

1. A Suimiffien to the Sentence of Death. '.? -.

OLord my God, in most profound fhistulity of Soul and Body, I cast ray Self at the feet of thy Divine Majesty, Adoring thee as my Sovereign Judge* Who hast pronounced against Me and all Sinners, (in the first Man that finned) the Sentence of Death, saying, Dust thou, arty and unto Dufl shalt thou return.

In Homage of thy Divine Justice , I humbly submit to the Sentence then pronounced against Me, and all Mankind.

All the Days of my appointed time will I wait, till my Change coniC. Job 14. 14.

£. ,35. A

%, A SuhntiJJion to the Manner' of Death.


N D as to the Time, andM^£.
Place, and Manner, and tUmU.

all Circumstances of my Death, I desire to submit to thy good Pleasure.

But I humbly beg, if it be thy gracious Will, O Lord, Make my Pains short, and my Death easy; At least, not extremely tedious, or grievous to me.

But if thou hast otherwise determined , thy Blefed Will be done.

Only give me Patience to bear my Pains, and Spiritual Comforts under them; and at thine own due time, make my Death my Pasiage to a Blesled and Eternal Life j through Jesus Christ: our Lord. Amen.


Office for \tfD,0 Lord, most Hofy, O 9mul. l\ God most Mighty j 0 Holy and Merciful Saviour, thou most worthy Judge Eternal; suffer me not at my last Hour, for any Fains of Death, to fall from thee. Amen.

J. Against the Fear of Death.

From f~** Rant, O Lord, that I may

OniST ^^ eiK* m^ Li^e "* t^iy Fear

and Favour; and receive my Death, whenever it shall approach, not as my Curse, but as my Deliverance j as a Rest from my Labours, and an Entrance upon aLife without Trouble and without Sin.

Remember not against me my

manifold Sins $ but let them all

.fee done away by thy Mercies,

and my Blessed Saviour's Merits*

and my own true Repentance. ,


That I may come to my last Change without Guilt, and fore- J. • see its near Approach without Fear or Impatience. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

STrengthen me, O God, in my -JjJ last Agonies j and as my tl^J*' Strength decays, let my Pains wear off. But when my Strength fails, let not my Faith fail j even in Death enable me to trust in thee.

Deliver me from all violent Disorders of a troubled Fancy, or painful Delusions of my Ghostly Enemy. O, let him not be able to disturb and terrify me, or any way prevail against me. Amen.

HAve me in thy Custody, From O Holy Father: For *+-Zjs thing can take me out of thy hands. Give thy holy Angels charge to stand about me, to guard and receive

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