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His Gardens and Groves , are Pleasant and Delightful.

His Estate, if not Large, is very Competent.

The Conversation of his Wife and Children, and the rest of his Relations, is so Charming and Agreeable, that it is great Perplexity to be parted from them.

But now, when he is thus pleasing himself with the Delights of this World , let him then be assured, that better Things are provided for him in the World to come.

Now, according to the Ruies of Prudence , what wife Man would not change for the better >

Suppose his House to be as well Built, ,as richly Furnished and. Ornamental, as his Fancy can Project; is he not convinced , that an Heavenly Palace is to be preferr'd before an Earthly Cottsige i QI could he wits?

',>; \ ;. .,. St. St. Paul , be caught up into the Third Heaven; there to behold, tho but for one Moment, the Splendor of that Glorious Place, Cthe peculiar Court and Residence of the King of Kings; ) how mean and contemptible, how despicable and sordid, would the Noblest Structures of this World then appear to be?

Again. In my Fathers house are many Mansions. There are many Royal Apartments in that Stately Palace, capable to receive and entertain those Millions of Glorified Beings, which shall there Meet and Converse together.

And we may be sure, these Heavenly Mansions are most richly furnished, and exquisitely fitted for Pleasure and Satisfaction.

Pdr / go hi/ore , faith your Blessed Saviour, to prepare a Place for you. N 3 He

. . He who made these Glorious Heavens, (for all things were wade by him., and without him vncu not any thing made, that, was made. Joh. i.;3./) he is gone before, as a Royal Harbinger, to furnish and prepare them for your Reception.

But how these Mansions are prepared and adorned, and what Glories are tliere Treasured up, tor the Use or Diversion of those Blessed Inhabitants, we have not the least Notion to conceive or apprehend.

We are as ignorant in these Matters, as an Infant in the Womb is of the Passages of this World ;.. aad of the Way and Manner of Living in it... 4 . ., * Jtye. hash mt yet seen, nor Ear beard, neither hath it entred into the heart of Man to conceive, the things which God hath prepared .fitr, them phat love him. 1 Gor.

v . .. f. Fob

For he who made us without our Knowledge or Desire, is able to make us happy beyond them both.

This, we suppose, the Sick Man firmly Believes, and most earnestly begs of God; That when lie leaves this World , he may then be admitted into those Heavenly Mansions.

But Natural Affection is lo strong , and he hath such Concern for his dear Friends and Relations, and doth so please himself in their Conversation; that it even breaks his Heart, to be parted from them, •..,=. , • He looks on them with Ian.guiming Eyes>i and takes his last Leave with a trembling Hand j and even fails into an Agony to think, that perhaps in a few Hours lie must bid them Farewell, and must fee them no more. . »

tv t; N 4 Now,

Now, to Correct this Disorder, and to Compose his Dying Thoughts,* let the Sick Man consider; That though for a while he parts with his present Friends, yet he doth not lose his Friendstiip, but exchange it.

For a good and pious Man may be assured; That.when he Dies, he shall find more Friends and Relations in the Heavenly Mansions, than he leaves behind him liere on Earth.

For being made meet to he a partaker of the Inheritance of the Saints in light: Being fitted and prepared for such endearing Conversation; the Blesled Company of Saints and Angels, will not only bid him welcome to those Glorious Mansions; but will instantly receive him, as an intimate Friend , with the dearest^ Embraces of Love and Affect**' on. .. t^vJt*.


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