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Surely he shall not be moved for ever, but shall be in everlasting. remembrance. Pfal. 112. 2, 3, 6." - For when their Father and Mother forsake them, then dost thou take them up. Pfal. 27. 10.

Even thou, who art the Father, of the Fatherless, and the Fudge of the Widows. Psal. 68.5.

And as a mighty Redeemer, wilt plead their cause. Prov. 23. 10, II.

A Prayer, .
Of Sick or Dying Persons, for

Trusting God with their Friends
or Kindred.

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I commit them to Thee, O God of Mercy and Truth, for they are Thine. And with thee the Fatherless find Mercy.

Yea, thou art the Father of the Fatherless, and the Fudge of the Widows; and wilt shew thy feli mighty ro plead their Cause.

And my heart is at ease, to have them lodged in thy Care, where they are infinitely safer, and will be infinitely, happier, and better provided for, than ever they could be in mine, or in any Others without Thee. 1

I freely commit them to the Care, 0 Blessed Lord, having my self always found the Blele sing of being under it, and of trusting to it. ; i. 113

And I beg no greater Blessing for, them, than that they may ever have thy good Providenice: for their Inheritance in this World, and thy Peace for their Portion in the World to come;

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Of the Sick Man's being wil.

ling to Die.

N Eath is truly called the King

L : of Terrors: For we have naturally a great Dread and ABhorrence of it; and by all poffible ways and means, do shup and avoid it.

But how far this Natural Dread is rational, and to be admitted ; and in what Cafe it is to be corrected and restrained, comes briefly to be examined.

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1. He who is not prepared for Death, hath just cause to fear it.

For Death, to such a Man, who lives and dies in his Sin, is only an Introduction to a Miserable Eternity.

. * To leave Stately Houses, beautiful Gardens, pleasant Companions, with all other Accommodations for Delight and Satisfaction; and to be cast into utter Darkness, where will be weeping, and wailing, and gnashing of Teeth; and no other Society, but of Devils and Damned Spirits : The Thought of this must needs strike an impenitent Sin ner with the greatest Terror ; and he will pasionately desire to continue longer in this World, before he come into that Places of Torment.. in

quor .. Incisi iscodo .: Luis. 1

It is therefore highly rational for a Wicked Man to fear Death. And it is his Duty, witli the greatest earncsness, to Pray against it.

That God would spare him, that he may recover his strength before he go hence, and be no more:

Let him beg, the continuance of God's Patience a little longer, that he may live. Not to enjoy his Sins, but to Repent of them.

Let him beg that he may live; to evidence the Truth and Sincerity of his Repentance. .

Let him beg that he may live to Redeem the time that he hath mis-spent; and to do some Good.' in the World before he leaves it....

; 2. But having thus Repented of his Sins, and sincerely endeavoured to work out bis Salvation, though with fear and trembling; Having left his former vain Con

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