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cloathe a , man with Rags. Prov. X3,,ii.} .' Or, was it his il| Management, in'any instance,' by "Living' beyond or above'his fixate > -N "'

If his Poverty was thus brought upon him, by his own 'fault,- let him first humbly fub( mit to it, as the just Puniihme'rit of his Sin; and then let him Repent of those Sins which were 'the Causes of his Poverty: But 'let him not be too "much Dejected as to his Relatives, his Wife and Children, but leave them to God, to Provide for them as he thinks fit.

But if his Poverty was the Effect of God's Providence, and was brought upon him by Fire, Robbery, or some unexpected Accident, which he could not foresee .orprevent: If, I say,^hisPoverty ;\ Was thus his Calamity, but not Tiis Crime; he may then Comfortably resign his Relations into ^ M a the


the hands of' God; Who will be a Father to the Fathertefs, and a Husband to the Widow. ^^ Let him then chearfully Trust God with his Friends and Family, and fay,

LL my Cares For my' Wife», and Family , and Friends / cast on thee , for thou car est for 11s. 1 Pet. 5.. 7.

For in thee, O Lord, the Fatherless sin deth Mercy. Hos. 14.

And thou hast said, Leave thy Fatherless Children, I will preserve them alive; and let thy Widows trust in me, Jer. 49. n. ''; * ...~'''Ahdrl never saw the Righteous .' forsaken',' tuth his Seed is blejftd. Psal. 3 7..2.5, 7.6.

*V.The Generation' of the upright :shall Wblefjed. ":*' '.." Ridhes shall be in hishoufiftiM If is Righteousness endureth sotevir. . . . ' rr'.\

*r> . "' ''• Surely

Surely he stalls not be moved for ever , but shall he in. everlasting remembrance. Psal. Hz.\,%j3, 6.

For when their Father and Mother forsake them , then dost thou take them us. Psal. xj. xo.

Even thou, who art the Father of the Fijtherlefs , and the Judge' of the Widows. Psal. 68. 5.

And as a mighty Redeemer, wilt plead their cause. Prov. 23. 10, 11.

A Prayer,
Of Sick or Dying Persons , for
Trusting God with their Friends
or Kindred.

IOrd, if tliou scefl: fit to call From. , me home to thy self by this Mr. KttSickness; When I am takenfWA from my Wife and Children, agd from those who under thee have Dependance on me;; give them Gyaoe, I beseech thee, to,betake themselves to Thee. viv.':. M 3 I com- ,.*


. .I commit them to Thee , O Gcd of Mercy and Truth , for they are Thine. And with thee the, Fatherless find. Mercy.

Yea, thou art the Father'of the Fatherless , find the Judge of the Widows; and wilt mew thy self mighty to plead their Cause.

.'And my heart is at ease , to have them lodged in thy Care, v. here they are infinitely safer, and will be infinitely, happier, and better provided for, than ever they could be iri mine, or in any Others without Thee.

I ireely commit them, %q thy

Care, O Bfeifed Lord , having

my self always found the Bles-.

smg of being under it, and of

. ... . fruiting to it. . " . . ". .'.:

i And. I beg; no greater Bleffing southern;, .than.that they may eyei. ham thy good Providence' for their Inheritance in this World , and.thy Peace for their Portion in the World to come;

: .; , 7 . for

for the sake of Jesus Christ. A- men. :, •

r\ '\ , t >p . . . 1 1 ■ ••. .;

Having instructed the Sick Man in the fore-
mentioned Instances, and admonished
him, ,1, To betts his Sickness Patiently.
5. To perfect and compleat his Repentance^-'
3. To exercise' Faith and Trust in God. 'Tis
now pertinent to Exhort him1, 4. To» <
chearsttl Submission to the Will os God, in bc-
ingreadf toDie and to leave this World,When
and How the Divine Wisdom shaU fee it sit.

Of the Sick Marts heing wil-
ling to Die.

DEath is truly called the King of Terrors: For we have riattirauy a great Dread and Abhorrence of it j and by all possible ways and means, do (hug. and avoid it, , , ■,,,

B«f how lar. this Natural Dread is rational, and to be admitted j, aiid in what Cafe it is to be corrected and restrained, comes briefly to be examined.

■'•',•: M 4 I- He

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