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of the Sick Man's Faith and Trujt To: in God, with Respect to his Fio

mily; bis Relations, and Dependants. .

THE Sick Man, who was

truly Repented of his Sins; and hath a lively Seele und Apprehension of the Merits of his Blessed Saviour, he mar Die in a full Trust in God's Me ry, and a quiet Conscience.

The Sick Man may likeuze have a gentle and easy Dent

le may Die, as we say, it landscamb, by a gradual and likes Web Diffolution. He may neitte

ackd to Death, by the
able Pains of the Gover
or hurrier



gring Sickness; fo that insensibly he feels himself Dying.

"And yet, tho' thus ealy in Himself, the Sick Mån may have great Trouble and Concern for

He may have Wife and Children very flenderly provided for: And it grieves him to leave them Poor and Indigent.

Now to deal faithfully with the Sick Man, and not to fatter him into a false and deceitful Comfort ; let him examine the Octasion of his Poverty.

In plain Terms. Was it God's Poverty, or his own

"More Particularly. Was it brought upon him by the Providence of God, or his own Imprude * Was it the effect of his Luxury, or his Sloth, (for the Drunkard and the Glutton shall come to Poverty and Drowsiness than

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cloathe a man with Rags. Prov.

23. 21.) Or, was it his ill Ma*nagement, in any instance, by 9 Living beyond or above his Eftate ndiri!

If his Poverty was thús brought upon him, by his own fault'; let him first humbly fùbmit to it, as the just Punishment

of his Sin; and then let him Re· pent of those Sins which were

the Causes of his Poverty : But let him not be too much Dejected as to his Relatives, his Wife and Children, but leave them to God, to provide for them as he thinks fit.

But if his Poverty was the Effect of God's Providence, and was brought upon him by Fire, Robbery, or some unexpected Accident, which he could not foresee or prevent: If, I say, his Poverty was thus his Calamity, but not 'Nis Crime; he may then Comfortably resign his Relations into M 2


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