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But thanks he to God, which giveth us the viclory , through our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Cor. 15. 5^,

5*, 57

Blessed he the God and Father

of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant Mercy, hath begotten us again unto a lively hope, hy the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the Dead,

"To an Inheritance incorruptible,, and un defiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in Heaven for you;.

Who are kept hy the power of God, through faith unto salvation. 1 Pet. 1. 3, 4, 5".

When the Sick Man hath read a&d considered these Comfortable Scriptures, leu him then fay the following Prayer. _ .

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A Prayer for Tar don of Sin ..
When the Dejetled Sinner is
Tempted to Despair.

From /"~\ Thou Father of Mercies, p. Km. \^J and God of all Consolation, be merciful to me a miserable Sinner.

Lord, Remember all thy Gracious Calls of Sinners to Repentance: All thy Protestations, that thou delightest not in the Death of him that Dies, and that thou wouldest have all to be Saved.

Lord, Remember all the exceeding great and precious Promises, which thou hast made to penitent Sinners.

Lord, Remember, that thy Mercy is over all thy Works. That thou delightest in Mercy. And that all the Holy Angels seeing Thee well-pleased in the exercise of that Mercy, Rejoice


at the Conversion of a Sinner.

That the greater my Sins are, the more will that Mercy be magnified in my Forgiveness.

Lord, Remember, That thou didst so love the World , as to give thy only beloved Son a Ranfome for it.

O Heavenly Father, Thou that fparedst not thy only Son, but deliveredst him up for us All; wilt thou not with him also freely give us All things? And if All things, wilt thou not also give us the Pardon of our Sins?

O my God, I firmly believe thou wilt.

On that Ransom my Saviour hath paid forme, and on all thy gracious Promises of Pardon, which for his fake thou haft. 1 made to me, I wholly rely..'

L 5 Here

Here only is the sure and stedfast Anchor of my Soul, to which my Faith and Hope shall for ever adhere.

All this, Lord, do I plead, to implore thy Forgiveness.

Behold , Lord , though my Failings are many, yet to the utmost of my power, I have confest, and bewailed, and forsaken my Transgressions.

Behold, Lord, I come at thy Call: and I come weary and heavy laden with the burthen of my Sins. Be it unto me according to thy Word.

O Thou that art faithful and just, forgive me my Sins', and cleanse me from all Unrighteousness.

Lord, Do thou in no wife cast me from thee; but heal my Backsliding?, and love me freely

Ease me of my Burthen, that I may find rest in thee. And

say fay unto my Soul, Be of good chear, thy Sins are forgiven Thee.

O Heavenly Father, for thine own infinite Mercies fake j. for thy Truth and Promise fake j for all the Merits and Sufferings of the Son of thy Love, in whom thou art always well.pleased; Pardon all my Sins, and receive me into thy Favour.

Amen , O Lord God, Amen, Amen.

Son of God', 1Beseech thee toFrom the

, Litany.

hear me. J

0 Lamb of God, that takeft a* way the fins of the world;

Grant me thy Peace.
0. Lamb of God, that takest a-
way the fins of the world;

Have Mercy upon me.
0 Christ, hear me.
Lord, have Mercy upon me.
Christ, have Mercy upon me. .
Lord, have Mercy upon me.
Our Father, &c,


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