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a full and ample Retribution. And this I beg for the fake of Jesus Christ. Amen.

J have now endeavoured to Direct the Sick Man, How he may know, Whether he Repent him truly of his Sins?

And am next to Admonish him , 'to finish his Repentance, and to make it asperfest as he can. . .„

And what he is further to Do , may be reduced to. these Three Particulars, i. C«fiemt and Daily Prayers, i Receiving tht Holy Communion. 3. The Absolution of the Church.

Of .which I_iha]l Treat ja a distinct Chapter, under this Title; viz.. the Daily Prjy

- '«•$• of the Sicle Man, and other Instances of bit Devotion: Of which in its proper PIacqx.-.- ..,„..' '.. . "".

And shall now proceed to the Thirdlnihnce

. of the Sick Man's Duty. And shall cn

.$""?. -: :- \ :,'j :. :0. .. iO". -.;!*.-•:: J' :-^ ■■:: :'• :•...*■' I..::. -iJ 3. How the Sick Man is to exercise Faith and Trust in Godl

THat I may Treat distinctly of this Matter, I must premise j That, the W6r& Faith (amongst other Significations^ 1.-J ."ft. doth

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of |eaten anD Carts,

Jfo Explication.

LOving him as my Father., Reverencing him as the Almighty; and Committing my Soul and Body to him, as to a Faithful Creator.

7fo Creed.

onlT bsgotfen ^on out fto#.

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