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Method os Devotion
F o R

Skr\ and Dying Persons*

IN the beginning of your Sickness, and when
you first perceive your self to be Indisposed*
immediately retire to your Prayers. And most
humbly submit to God's Disposal; Praying
thus; or in the like manner.

Prayers in the Beginning of

O Heavenly Father, who in From
thy Wisdom knowest whatBPJC<*-
is best for me. Glory he to Thee.
Lord, if it seem good in thy
sight, divert this Distemper from
me, which I now feel seizing on
B me |

me j that I may employ my Health to thy Glory, and praise thy Name.

But if thou art pleased it mould grow on me, I willingly submit to thy afflicting hand: for thou art wont to chastise those whom thou dost love; and I am sure, thou wilt lay no more on me, than thou wilt enable me to bear.

I know, O my God, thou sendest this Sickness for my Goodi even to humble and reform me. O grant it may work that saving effect in me.

Lord, Create in me a true penitent Sorrow for all .my Sins past; A stedfast Faith in thee, and sincere Resolutions of Amendment for the time to come.

Deliver me from all frowardnefs and impatience; and give me an entire Resignation to thy Divine WHL

O suffer not the Disease to

take take away my Senses,- and do thou continually supply my Thoughts with holy Ejaculations.

Lord, Bless all Means that are used for my Recovery; and restore me to my Health in thy good time. But if otherwise thou hast appointed for me * Jhy hlejfed Will le done.

Lord, fit me for thy self, and then take me out of this sinful troublesome World, when thou pleasest.

My hope is wholly in thy Mercy, and in the Merits and Sufferings of my Blessed Saviour. O for his fake forgive and save me j that I may be found blameless at the Coming of the Lord Jesus. Amen.

O Merciful, and Righteous From 'th« Lord, the God of Health, »** D*~ and of Sickness, of Life, and of**""* Death.

fi i I

I most humbly acknowledge, that my great abuse of those many Days of Strength and Welfare , which thou hast afforded me, hath most justly deserved thy present Visitation.

I desire, O Lord, humbly to accept of this Punishment of mine Iniquity; and to bear the Indignation of the Lord; because I have sinned against him.

And, O thou Merciriil Father, who designest not the Ruin, but the Amendment of those whom thou scourgest; I beseech thee by thy Grace, so to sanctify this Correction to me, that thisSick'ness of my Body , may be' a Means of Health to my Soul.

Make me diligent to search my Heart, and enable me to discover every accursed thing, how closely soever concealed there; that by the removal thereof, I may make way for the removal of this Punishment.


Heal my Soul, O Lord, which. hath sinned against thee. And then, if it be thy blessed Will,, heal my Body also.

Restore the voice of Joy and Health unto my Dwelling; That; I may live to Praise Thee, and" to bring forth fruits of Repentance.

But if in thy Wisdom thou hast otherwise Disposed; if thou hast Determined, that this 5ick»ness mail be unto Deaths I beseech thee to fit and prepare me for it. ■'•

Give me that sincere and earnest Repentance, to which thou hast promised Mercy and Pardon.

Wean my Heart from the World, and all the fading Vani— ties of it. And make me to' breathe after those more excel-, lent and durable Joys' , which. are at thy Right Hand'for ever-' more.

B 3 Lord,

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