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Scriptures concerning Resti-

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REnder to all their Dues, Rom. 13. 7.

xLfff #0 Wæ» go beyond and defraud his Brother in any matter: because that the Lord is, the Avenger of all such. 1 Thesl' 4.6. .

If thou fell ought unto thy Neighbour, or buy est ought of thy Neighbour's hand; ye shall not oppress one. another. Xev. x.j. 14.

Thou shalt not have in thy Bag divers Weights; a great and a small.

Thou /halt not have Vk. thine house divers Measure's j a great and a small. Deut. z$. ij} 14. . A false Balance is Abomination to the Lord. Prov. xi. 1.

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i. y Divers. Weights , and divers

'Abomination. to the Lord*'vPf6v'. xo. 10. '"'

The Wicked i$. he that bortoweth, and pay et h . not again. Pfal. 37.21.'

- If a man borrow ought of his Neighbour, and it be hurt or Dye, the Owner thereof being not with it, he. shall surely make it good. Exod. zz. 14.

He shall Restore that which he took violently away , or the thing which he hath deceitfully gotten, or that which was delivered him to keep , or the thing lost which he found.: Or all thai about which he hath sworn faljly. . Le vis. 6. 4, ~fi

And Samuel said unto all Israel, Behold, here lam; Witness against me before the Lord, and before his Anointed:' Whose Ox harve. I taken': \ pr whose Ass have I. taken: Or whom have I Defrauded? Whom have I Oppressed) Or of whose

hand hand have I received any Bribe, so blptdmine Eyes therewith': and I will restore it you. iSam. n,

-Zacheus stood, and saidunto the Lord; Behold, Lord, the half of my Goods I give to the Poor: and if I have taken any thing from•any Man by false Accusation, I restore him Four-fold. Luk. 19. 8.

If the Wicked restore the Pledge, give again that he hath Robbed'; walk in the Statutes of. Life without committing Iniquity; he shall surely Live, he shall not.Die. v; ^None of his Sins that he hath committed, shall be mentioned unto him: he hath done that which is lawftti*a#d*righf'i. he jbaff^surely

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Where no wood is , there the fire goetb out: so where /here is no Tale-be ar er,. the strife ceaseth. Prov. x6. zo.

A Whisperer separateth chief Friends. Prov. 16.18.

A Prayer for Restitution.

OMost Just and Holy God j who hast commanded me to make Restitution to All those I have any ways wronged; Give me Grace, I beseech thee, that in whatever Instance I have Injured my Neighbour, either in his Soul, his Body, his Estate, or Good Name, I may beg his Pardon. And as I have Opportunity* leb. irte make him Satisfattion and Reparation, to the utmost of my Power.

:.,And where my own Power

and..Ability fails, do thou, ,0

Blefled Lord , according to thy

accustomed Goodness, make him

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