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not allowed to Complain.

No! Sighs and Groans are the Sick Man's Language. And so far as it may be any Ease to you to bemoan your Self, refrain not to do it.

And when it may be a Rex freshment to change your Posture ( to Turk, as we say, from Side to Side,) Take your Liberty. For ; none of these Things are the Effects of Impatience. Though some Persons, who are in Health ( and who have not that Compassionate Sympathy as they ought ) may very imprudently condemn them as-such.

Now, Patience (as it relates to a Sick Bed) is a chearful Submilion to whatever Pains and Confinement God shall please to lay upon you.

And that this Patient Submiffion is your Interest and Duty, I shall Endeavour to convince you, by these following Considerati QS,

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1. Motive to Patience, from the Sovereignty of God.

n Onsider; That this Sickness

w and Pain, Cor whatever Bodily Distemper you may groan under is not the Effect of Chance or Fortune. But whatever Accident, as you fancy, máy occafion it, it is laid upon you by the Direction and Appointment of Almighty God. * Who is your Sovereign Lord; and hath an Absolute Power, and uncontroulable Authority over you. He is your Creator; and as such, hath a' just Right and Prerogative, to Dispose of you as he thinks fit. .

Hath not the Potter power over the Clay? Who art thou then, O man, that repliest against God Shall the Thing formed say to him that formed it, Why hast thou made me thus ? Or, Why is it thus or


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A S God is your Sovereign, so A he is an offended Sove-" reign. As you are his Creature, so you are a Rebellious Crea-' ture: And by your Sins and Rebellions you have forfeited all your Mercies

You have forfeited your Health ; you have forfeited your Ease ; you have forfeited your Life ; and God may justly take the. Seizure, When and in What Manner he pleaseth.

Why then doth aliving Man complain; a Man for the punishment of


his Sins? Lam. 3. 39. Say then with Job; I am vile, what shall I answer thee? I will lay mine hand upon my Mouth, Job 40. 4. And acknowledge with Ezra, Thou hast punished us less than our iniquities deserve, Ch. 9. 13. It is of the Lord's Mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not, Lam. 3. 22.

From hence be instructed ; That Whatever Sickness, Whatever Pain , Whatever Confinement may be laid upon you, you have deserved it ;

Therefore, Bear it Patiently.

I know, o Lord, that thy Judgments are right ; and that thou in faithfulness hajt afflicted me, Pfal. 119.75.

The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away ; Blefed be the name of the Lord, Job 1. 21. The Lord gave me Health and Ease.; and the Lord, for my Sins, hath most justly taken them away.


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3. Motive to Patience, from .. the Goodness of God. 19 19 THis is the most comforta

1 ble Motive to Patient Submission, to consider ; That this Sickness and Pain, which God is pleased to lay upon you, it is for your Good; for your Benefit and Advantage. We know that all things work together for Good, to them that love God, Rom. 8. 28. And Consequently, all Afflicti,


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