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ing just Debts-of what kind soever. iOr,.». !;-.M!-.OfKO anrviafl . .uSfy taking irqm- his Ngigh^ bour what is already in his Possession! -- -• r~: • -Whether -Openly and Violently, by Robbing: Or more Prrvately~i ^by:Filching asld Stealing his MeHey, ffisXZattle, or his Goods: berte obliged,*: in all these Instances,-to make Restitution. or. ;oIci'ii.v-. •:-.; <-l :■-• i'.K*'If he hath been guilty of && -^0 1air+r>. Either .. i. In Matters of Trust.

Whether that Trust was committed to him , As an Executor, a Guardian, a Steward, or a Friend, (the Particular Duty and Obligation of all which Relations, I have distinctly considered. ) If m any of these In-; stances he hath betrayed his Trust, he is then obliged, so .far as he defrauded,, and hatli.



Brought Damage and Loss to rhe Persons concerned ;. I .fay; se far he is obliged to make ;Restitution. . - . . i

If h<{ hath been guilty of Deceit, ..,...!.'•. .', ...,.' ,.., ,'.,,.''. .'..'••

i. In Matters of Traffiek or. Bargaining. By whatever .mstance such Fraud may be committed , C some of which Methods of Deceit. I have already mentioned , and mall not now repeat; ) the Sick Man is obligees to make Restitution. That is, Whatever Damage and Lois any Person may suffer , . by his fraudulent cheating Methods^ he ~ is obliged to Repair, in as fa\i a Manner, as his present Cirr \ cumstances will admit.

^ '. ... • i }• . y ,» . » r. . . . j

The., Brevity of my intended* Di scoursc, win not permit me'to enlarge ail Particulars. ' Btft there1 is one Instance of btr' . mt, I mustinot 6p\it. ..l'Tip the Cafe of ,; those Who ha'ih Coms oundid with tbtir\ri* ditort. . '' . .••-: HWZvZ ' l'J; Tliis

This Practice is so frequent-; nndthe Obli

: gatioiT.tV rrokee Restitutjgn. fprify sj, I

doubt, ib little considered.; that, it wili

be very useful to give Directions con.

'cerning it.

Ani thai what! stall fay, may make the greater Impression; I shall Answer this

".TCise' in the very, Words of AB.*. TiUttsm. For .though my Meanness may be neglected his judicious' Determination will, I

. Hope, bfc Convincing.

,'■*"*• w*&&& .,:-..

1 |FT Ere it will be proper to *. \~\ consider the Cafe of those, 1 v\ ho have. Compounded with

* their Creditors for. a small Part; '' Whether they be in Conscience

* and Equity release A from the whole Debt>


'- 1 Burdens upon Mens Cdnsci. * slices, therefore I ant very ten.

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