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my use j. and to give such a Blessing; unto it, that it may it be thy Will and Pleasure) r.emove this my Sickness and Pain • and restore me to Health and Strength again.

But if thou hast sent this Sickness, as thy Messenger to call me out of this World; Thy blejfed Will le done. \

0 make me meet to he a parta-> ker of the Inheritance of the Saints in Light.

And whensoever my Soul shall depart from the Body, grant that it may without spot be presented unto thee, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Jf the Sick Person is so weak , or so much in, Pain, that he cannot thus Pray for himsls; Then let some one os his Friends fay this Prayer for him; Only changing the Person: di We for I, Him or Her, for My or Me,

HAH Aving Disposed your E^ state, and Consulted your Health, you have done with this World ,• and should leave the Thoughts and Concerns for it, to those who come aster you.

You are now to take Care of your precious immortal Soul; and to prepare for that vast Eternity, that unalterable State, you are entring into.

This is indeed the Work of your whole Life; and should not foe deserr'd to a Sick and Dying Bed; (as I have Admonished you in a short Discourse of Deathled Repentance.)

However, upon the near Approach of Death, a more solemn Preparation is expected from you.

And" for your Assistance in this great Work, ©n which Eternity depends , fend speedily for your Minister, whilst you are


capable of his Advice , and desire him not only to Pray for you, but also to give you such Instruction andComfort, as your Cafe may require.

Now such Direction of the Clergy is of great Advantage, and little less than neceslary, to Sick and Dying Persons. Who being disturbed and diverted with Visits, weakened and disordered with Tain; terrified and amazed at the Approaches of Death; are very unable, under these Circumstances , to Guide and Direct themselves.

In such a Case, an Orthodox and Prudent Minister, will give you found and seasonable Directions.

He will Admonish you,

". i j •■'

r. To hear your Sickness with Patience.

%. He will direct you, To perfect and compleat your Repentance.

3. T&

3. To exercise Faith and Trust in God.

4. He will Admonish you to a chearful Submission to the Will of God, in being ready to Die, and to leave this World, when and how the Divine Wisdom Jhall see it sit.

These are the several Instances, wherein the Clergy do Direct the Devotions of Sick and Dying Persons. And according to this Method, I shall endeavour to Assist you, in the following Discourse. \

Of Patience under Sickness.

TO avoid Mistakes, and to remove the tears of some scrupulous Persons, 'tis pertinent to Premise;

That by Patience under Sickness, I do not mean an Insenjibilit 1 .of your Pains. As if being exhorted to be Patient,, you were

not slot allowed to Complain.

No! Sighs and Groans are the Sick Man's Language. And so far as it may be any Ease to you to bemoan your Self, refrain not to do it. j

And when it may be a Refreshment to change your Posture Q to Turn, as we fay, from Side to Side,) "Take your Liberty. For ,none, of these Things are the Effects of Impatience. Though some Persons , who are in Health ( and who have not that Compassionate Sympathy as they ought ) may very imprudently condemn them as such.

Now, Patience Q as it relates to a Sick Bed } is a chearful Submission to whatever Pains and Confinement God shall please to lay upon you. , v . .'.; <- ., ■' ". ■ ' \

And that this Patient Submission is your Interest and Duty, I fliall Endeavour to convince you, by these following ConsideratiqaSi.4 i. Mo

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