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For I desire Riches now for no other end, but to be more Charitable. . ... s ., ., T , T.jrnrx I Dedicate my Self, and All

I have, to thy Service, by this Earnest and Pledge, .^r^w 'Lord, accept It and Me j %M let it derive a Blessing on alM

have. '. .' * . i

O let this Alms be an Odour of a sweet Smell, a Sacrifice acceptable , and well-pleasing. to Thee, through Je&s Christ, Awen,

The Sick Man havingexamined his Charity in these Twj Instances, viz. in Forgiving and Giving; Let him next proceed to examine the Truth of his Repentance in another Fruit and Effect of it, .vix. Restitution. _

Concerning which he is thus Admonished, in the Order for the Visitation of the Sick. Is he hath o fended any Other, to ask them Jiorgivintj;'. And where he hath done Injury 4r Wrong to any Man, that he make amtni: U tketKtwnQfi of tig Pmer


THat I may distinctly etfplain: the Nature of Restitution, and thence convince the Sick Person of the Necessity of it, 1 must Premise;' "\ s

That as our Duty is Twofold, Our Duty towards God, and Our Duty towards our Neighbour j So also Sins and Transgressions, which are a Breach and Violation of that Duty, are likewise Twofold, viz. Sins against God , and Sins against our Neighbour.

Both these kinds of Sirts shall ; certairily be Pardoned uporr our true Repentance ,♦ because God, who is Faithful and Just , hath exprefly promised Pardon upon that Condition. v £;;?JJjBt~ffow 'tis pertinents observe, That more is required to perfect our Repentance of Sins • j against

against our Neighfour, than of Sifis against Gwsflntyvpfl ->>:ir ■_

{Sins against God osfy, axesufc: * ficiently Attoned by Reformation and Amendment. When we rieturn to our Duty, and own the Divine Authority by a sinceiev Obedience, the Justice of God is then satisfied, and he will again, receive us into his Grace and Favour, through the powerful Intercession of our Dear Redeemer.

But now as to. those Sinswhich do not barely Offered God, but are also Offensive and Injurious to our Neighbour, the Case is' different; and there is more required to the Pardon of iiicii S,ins. ,A ., .^.^ -,A „j

For ,Sins against our Neighbour, do not only include an Offence against. God, (who hath commanded us to Love ourBEO> v; theip but.also zn Affront■astdi&w^ >ry, against Men...;.:: ;, , >• ;,:Y;*u<.

!„•■• And

And therefore, though upon our true Repentance , God will forgive his share of the Sin, arid will remit it so fai* as: it is an Act f of.Disobedience against himself; yet he will not forgive the As-' front and Injury against Men, till! we have first sought a Rtconcilia. r tion with those we have Affront-' ed, and have made Restitution to those we have Wronged, by giving Satisfaction for the Damage; that hath been done them.. ^,

From hence we may observe; * That a Two-fold Offence may be committed against our Neigh* bour. ;..... ',; '.. e-'' „'".

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i. An Affront, or Negleft of his Person. Which must be Attoned by Reconciliation.

i. Damage or Injury; not only to'lii^ Persons but also to the rest os his Concerns. For whicH, Satisfaction is to be made by:•/rrV ftitution.

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And first, ■% v0 &,--.,jg ciciq

Of Reconciliation.

^Here arc some Men of such a proud petulant Humour, so delighted with the Flashes of a sportful Wit, that they do not care whom they Abuse or Disparage, provided they may but gratify their own wanton Fancy.

Others are so Envious and Malicious, so uneasy at the Prosperity of their Neighbours, that though it is not their Talent Publickly to be Witty, yet they cannot forbear to express theif Spleen, by Private Resentments,' by Whisperings, andBackbitings, and such like Methods of Slander and Detraction.

Now this Unsociable Temper, from whatever Cause it may proceed , is not only disturbing,


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