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U state, and Consulted your Health, you have done with this World ; and should leave the Thoughts and Concerns for it, to thofe who come after you.

You are now to take Care of your precious immortal Soul ; and to prepare for that vast Eternity, that unalterable State, you are entring into. .

This is indeed the Work of your whole Life ; and should not be deferr’d to a Sick and Dying Bed; (as I have Admonished you in a short Discourse of Deathbed Repentance.).

However, upon the near Approach of Death, a more folemn Preparation is expected from you. .

And for your Affistance in this great Work, on which Eternity depends, send speedily for your Minister, whilst you are


capable of his Advice, and defire him not only to Pray for you, but also to give you fuch Instruction and Comfort, as your Case may require.

Now fuch Direction of the Clergy is of great Advantage, and little less than necessary, to Sick and Dying Persons. Who being disturbed and diverted with Visits, weakened and disordered with Pain; terrified and amazed at the Approaches of Death; are very unable, under thefe Circumstances, to Guide and Direct themselves.

In such a Cafe, an Orthodox and Prudent Minister, will give you found and seasonable Directions.

He will Admonish you; 3.3.

1. To bear your Sickness with Patience. · 2. He will direct you, To perfeet and compleat your Repentance.

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