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Provision for the'Flesh) the more artificially to ruin themselves.

3. What is suggested concerning Dehts and Incumbrances^ is a very uncertain Pretence : since many Men who are in Debt, may be out of it when they please.

Great Purchasers and great Dealers, who grasp at all, are seldom out of Debt. And if such Men must be excused from Charity, till they have paid their Debts, the Poor and the Publick i will be little better for them. But 'tis the Duty of the Clergy,

4. To Admonish such Men, That they are obliged to be

Just to Gody as well as their Creditors.

They who talk so much of paying their Debts ( as if that might excuse them from giving to the Poor ) let them first take care to pay their Debts to God, in Charitable Distributions.

Which I thus prove to be their Duty. When I' When God gave them their Ei states ( either by Descent from I Others, or their own Industry j die reserved to himself a Chiefi Rent, a proportionable Part of their Incomes, which he comi mands them to give, as occasion j flrall require, to the Publkk and i to thdiW.'


f AnS -will they not be Just to I God, their Great Landlord, as well as to their lesler Creditors? Will i they mot pay God his own ? Let i them know therefore , if they refuse their Chief Rent of Charity, they have forfeited their Estates-, and God may take the Seizure, When and How he plea

feth. *

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j T Have both Ability and Inclii JL nation to be Charitable. But* am troubled to observe. How Gifts s and Legacies a*e ^h-fed -, and how i *; -: •'..; oftetr

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THat t&s. may not discourage your Charityr p.leafe %q Consider; That thece is,nothing fixt and certain in this World. And if you dare not be Cha/itable, because your Qift may be abused; for the same, season, you. must neijthei? Purchase nor Bargain , because you Cheated,

Vse therefore the best Caution , and, take. the best Advice you can* And w.hen. you: have so done i Jeave the Success, to God. And then, though the Wickedness of Others mould pervert your Chanty , yet God iy.ho. is fajthfuJh vwll^S•Vaj^.XOUf #ood Infentipn* . .,.._ ;; ,v\

AM the better tpja^ojctAbjiT . &s, FjriiJh,your Ghafjfys in yw Use., and depend not too much upon Executors and Trustees. .

But lest you should not Personally settle yoUr Charity in your Life; make choice of such Executors, as are of Ability, as well as Integrity: And, fin Modem Language) Who are Responsible as well as Honest.

Let the Sick Man here Examine the former Passages of his Life. And if he observes, That he hath not given to the Poor, in Proportion to his Estate, let him then supply that Defect, by Bequeathing to them a larger Charity at his Death.

And for his Conviction, let him seriously peruse the following Scriptures.

Scriptures. concerning Aim

'».'. Deeds.

.. ..'.,'

0 Do Good, and to communicate, forget not: for with such Sacrifices God is well pleased. Heb* .tr. l6i

';:= Q % Whifr



While we have time, let us do good unto all men; and especially unto them who arc of the fhoiiftr hold of Faith. Gal. 6. i6.'J

Whoso hath this Worlds Good, and seeth his Brother have need, and fhutteth up his how els of compassion from him; how dwebleih the love of God in him? i Job. ,}.

Ue that hath pity on the Poor, lendeth. unto the Lord; and that which he hath given, will he pay him again. Prov.19.17.'.'

In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my Brethren, ye have done it unto me. Matth.z?. 40, 4 j.

God is not unrighteous, ^toforget your work and labour of Love, Which ye have shewed towards his Name; in that ye have ministred to the Saints, and do minister. J3eb." (S.'io. :."':;; ..''^ /'v

Wherefore', let my counseTlM dcceptable unto thee. Break off


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