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who are to diftribute to the Family their several Portionslinom

Nov St. Paul, who was not only a faithful Pastor of the Flack, i but also a Governor of the Pastors themselves, hath left this Apostolical Injunction to his Son Timothy; and in him to alle other Pastors and Ministers of: God's Word.: *

Charge them that are Rich in: this World, that they be not highminded. ,, nor trust in uncertain Riches, but in the living God, wha: giveth u richly all things to ent}: . joy. Wyniki

* That they do Good, that they be Rich in gaod Works, ready to Di-;; ftribute, willing to Communicate. it

Laying up in store for themselveszó a good foundation against the time to corne, that they may lay buldjon eternal life. 1 Tim. 6. 17, 18,

It appears from this Injunctit: on of St. Paul, ibat Rich, men,



as well as Others, lare to be Adu monished of their Duty: Charge them that anev Rich in the World.

5iAnd ifto their Loftiness shall think fcorn to be thus Tutor'd by the Clergy, they are then Advifed,o That they be not high minded. in Not to be proud and insolent, not to flight and dele spise their meaner Brethren. And the more effectually to abate their Confidence, they are fur-" ther to be Admonished; That their Riches are uncertain, and thereforer'tis the highest Folly, To trust in uncertain Riches. 25,)

Solomon's Observation, That Riches make themselves wings, and i flee away as an Eagle towards Hea- * ver. Prov. 23. 5. that is, they are gone with a swift and imper-> ceptible Motion) is fully con- ! firmed by daily experience. Jedna od

Fire, Robbery, Suretyship, the Falfeness of a Friend', a Sinking Ship, a Treasonable Word; the

i Tragi

Tragical Excelles of Wmeand Paffon, with many other suchi like Accidents, have funk and ruined the Greatest in a Moment: avi!

Now thefe poffible Events, which may happen to the Ricks eft, and level them with the Poorest, do feasonably Admonish the Rich men of this World, not to be bigb-minded, nor to trust in uncertain Riches...!

And therefore , fince Riches are such, uncertain Poffeffions , and may and will so unexpected ly leave them; 'tis Charity to direct these Rich men where to put their Trust. Even in the living God: Who is not only a Sure and Certain Comfort, (for he is a living God, and a living Comført ;') but all other comforts do flow from him. Who giveth us richly all things toent joy. út a d , 01.






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And why is it that he giveth us richly all things to enjoy > Why have thefe Rich men fólarge a Share of this World . 'Tis for this Reason, viz. That they may do Good, be rich in Good Works, ready to Distribute, willing to Com municate.

jnc.Net And for their Encouragement, the Apostle assures them, that by thus Doing Good, &c. they lay up in store før themselves a good foundation against the time to come, that they may lay bold on Eternal Life.

L From these Grounds and Rea fons, which have been more diftindly enforced, in A Theoton. gical Discourse of Laft Wills and Teftaments, to which I refer ;) St. Paul doth Direct the Clergy not only to Admonish, but even to Charge and Command Rich Men, to be Charitable to the Poor.



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