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N&ss the Dying Person' ti exhorted, Jo forgive from the bottom of his heart all Persons that have offended him; So likewise he is admonished; If he hath offended any other, to ask them Forgiveness >

And though this likewise is a Very difficult Task, Q we being all very backward, through the Pride of our Spirits, to acknow-: ledge we have done amiss;) yet that it is our Duty, as also how' far it is our Duty, I shall endeavour to shew under the Third \ Particular; viz. That, Where he hath done Injury -oixilVmng to any"- ■• Man, that he make, amends to tie uttermost of his Power. Of which in its proper Place.

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At present, before I Discourse of Jvstte, * 'ti5- pertinent to Explain and Enforce the j other Branch of Charity; viz. Charity in Giving. , . • i J ■■ . ■■>"■'

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Is. therefore rtie Covetous Misers of this W<$*kJ,:; who value their Bags more than their Souls, iliall be offended at this Freedom, fas if this Part of our Oifice were a Pragmatical Encroachment; as if herein we did trans* gre& the Limits of out.Galling, and were as Bujy-bodies in other mens-Matters;') I shall for the Conviction of such Persons, ancl the just Vindication of my Profession , suggest the' Reasons of such Charitable Distributions. And from thence shall Ihewthem, why we of the Clergy do think our selves obliged, with such repeated Plainness, to remind them of this Duty. ". . J

The Clergy by their Office and Calling, are the Amhaffadors of Christ. Or, if that may feern a Title of too much State,'' tiiety,. are the Sfeitards of his 'Houfhold;' •( who

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as. ^ell as Othœs, are. to be Admonished of their ^Ducy. Omrge ttem that JiteRicfaix• this World.

, And if their Loftiness shall think scorn to be thus* Tutor'd by the Clergy , they are then Advised, That they be not highminded. Not to be proud and insolent; not to slight and despise their meaner Brethren. And the more effectually to abate their Confidence, they are further to be Admonished; That their Riches are uncertain , and therefore'tis the highest Folly, To trust in uncertain Riches.

Solomon s Observation , That Riches make.themselves wings, and flee away as an Eagle towards Hea-' vtn. Prov. 23. 57 {that is, they are gone with a swift arid imper- , ceptible Motion ) is fully confirmed by daily experience. VvV,; •.'

Fire, Robbery, Suretyship, the Falseness of a Friendr, a Sinking Ship*, a Treasonable Word, the

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