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OThat it may please thee to forgive mine Enemies,' Persecutors, and Slanderers, and. to turn their Hearts.

O Father of Mercies, and Lover of Souls, who art kind to the unthankful and to the qyil, and hast commanded us to extend our Charity even to those; that hate us: I beseech thee to' have pity upon those, who with .' out any just cause are my Enemies. Disappoint their Devices., Give them a due fense of theirs Pride and Malice. Shed abroad thy Love in their Hearts. Endue them with a meek, and humble, and charitable Spirit. That there may be Joy both in Heaven and on Earth, at their Conversion j through Jesus Christ our . Lord. Amen.

F 3 O Thou,

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V./. mandediis to. overcome evil with good, And to pray for

them who despitetully use us; Be merciful to mine Enemies, G Lord, everi as to my Self: And bring, them, with me, unto thy Heavenly Kingdom, . A* men. V \

From /~\ Lord, I beseech tJiee,. for

hWLaud. \^/ give mine Enemies all

. tjieir Sins against thee; and give

me that measure of. thy Grace,

that for their Hatred I may Love

them, for their Cursing I may

J3Iess them, for their Injury!

may do them Good, and for

their Persecution I may Pray for

them. . . -. •'.

Lord, I Pray for them. . Father,! forgive, them £ for they know. apt what they Do, & men. .s., \. . , ',:'.::.. ..:. \,0^. .>. o.

.'."'. ,l . .. 0..'' .'."/. .A; .,. ..,.!,»*

, i Qthat That this Mind wra) Be im me, which was also in Christ Jesus.


Who did no fin , neither was guile found in his mouth.

Yet when he was reviled, reviled not again; when he suffer ed^ he threatned not; hut committed himself to him that judgeth righteously.

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I Do not, I dare not say, So From let mine Enemies perish , 0 K.Cb*r.l Lord; Yea, Lord, rather give rajc them Repentance, Pardon, and Impunity , if it be thy Blessed

Will :.. ..T-,:- ;;. d.

Loud, ky not their Sins ro their charge for Condemnation; but to their Consciences f« Amendment.

v Hear: rar Prayer, O Lordif who haifc taught us to pray ft»\ to do goad to, and to love our Ene-. mies for thy sake; Who hast pre

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