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My That this Mind may be in
O me, which was also in Chrift 2*****
Fefus. 1 .

W Who did no fin, neither was quile found in his mouth.. .

Yet when he was reviled, reviled not again, when he suffered he threatned not; but committed himself to him that judgeth righa teoufly. | Do not, I dare not fay, So From I let mine Enemies perih, 0 K. Char. ..

Prayers. Lord: Yea, Lord, rather give them Repentance, Párdon, and Impunity, if it be thy Blesfed Will..., 1 HITS - Lord, lay not their Sins to their charge for Condemnation, but to their Consciences for Amendment. .ii y Hear my Prayer , O Lord; who haft taught us to pray for to do good , and to love our Enet mies for thy fake ; Who haft preCentro F4


vented us with Overtures of thy Love, even when we were thine Enemies : and haft fent thy Son Jesus Chirist to Die for us, when we were disposed to Crucifie him. j ? lise

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Ubdue in me the evil Spirit

of Wrathi and Revenge ; an dispose my Heart patiently to bear Reproaches and Wrongs; and to be ready not only to for: give, but to return Good for E vil.


TOrgive, I beseech Thee, most

| Merciful Father, to all mine Enemies, all their Malice and Ill Will towards me ; and give. them Repentance and betterMinds: Which I heartily beg of) thee for them, as I my self hope for Mercy and Forgiveness at thy A Hands; through the Merits and Mediation of Jesus Christ, myv most Merciful God and Saviour. Amen."


ANd as the Dying Person is

exhorted, to forgive from the bottom of his heart all Perfoni's that have offended him ; So likewise he is admonished ; If he hath offended any other, to ask them Forgivenefsi

And though this likewise is a very difficult Task, (we being all very backward, through the Pride of our Spirits, to acknow". ledge we have done amiss;) yet: that it is our Duty, as also how far it is our Duty, I shall endeavour to shew under the Third Particular; viz. That, Where he hath done Injury oru Wrong to any Man, that he make amends to the uttermost of his Power. Of which in its proper Place. i

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n of Alms-Deeds, Or Charity ou by on' in Giving in to 721 che well. rolig

urs IS the Direction of the

Church of Exgland, in the Order for the Viftation of the Sick That The Minister should not lomit, earnestly to Move such Sick Persons as are of A. bility, to be Liberal to the Poor...

Whencé Observe, "

1. That it is the Duty of the Clergy, to Move Sick and Dying Persons to Remember the

20, viii...ta - If such sick and Bequeathing Persons are of Ability, they are then to Move them to be Liberal in their Gifts and Legacies to the Poor. 73. They are not only to Move them, but earnestly and with im portunity to Move them..


If therefore the Covetous Mifers of this World who value their Bags more than their Souls, fhall be offended at this Freedom, ( as if this part of our Office were a Pragmatical Encroach, ment; as if herein we did tranf, gress the Limits of our Calling, and were as Busy-bodies in other mens Matters;) I shall for the Conviction of fuch Perfons, and the juft Vindication of my Profeffion, suggest the Reasons of such Charitable Distributions. And from thence shall thew thern, why we of the Clergy do think our selves obliged with such repeated Plainness, to remind them of this Duty.

The Clergy by their Office and Calling, are the Ambasadors of Christ. Or, if that may feem a Title of too much State, they are the Stewurds of his Houfhold;'


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