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poration, and shall be executed by the president and secretary of the company, authenticated by the seal of the corporation, and shall be accompanied by a duly certified copy of the order or resolution of the board of directors, trustees or managers authorizing the said secretary and president to execute the same. Every foreign corporation now doing business in this state shall, within thirty days from the taking effect of this act, file with the secretary of state its written consent as above specified. [Id., part of § 1261.]

SEC. 554. Actions against any corporation organized under the laws of any other state, territory or foreign country, and doing business in this state, may be brought in any county where the cause of action arose or in which the plaintiff may reside. The summons shall be directed to the secretary of state, and shall require the defendant to answer by a certain day, not less than forty days nor more than sixty days from its date. Said summons shall be forthwith forwarded by the clerk of the court to the secretary of state, who shall immediately forward a copy thereof to the secretary of the corporation sued; and thereupon said secretary of state shall make return of said summons to the court whence it issued, showing the date of its receipt by him, the date of forwarding such copy, the name and address of the person to whom he forwarded said copy, and the costs for service and return thereof. Such return shall be under his hand and seal of office, and shall have the same force and effect as a due and sufficient return made by the sheriff on process directed to him. Said secretary of state shall keep a suitable record-book, in which he shall docket every action commenced against a corporation, the time when commenced, the date and manner of service; also, the date of the judgment, its amount and costs, and the date of payment thereof, which shall be certified from time to time by the clerk of the court. There shall be taxed as costs a fee of two and one-half dollars for each case so docketed, which fee shall be collected as other costs in the

case and forwarded by the clerk of the court to the state treasurer, who shall execute his receipt therefor in duplicate, one to be mailed to the clerk of the court and the other to be filed with the secretary of state. [Id., § 1262.]


Sec. 555. Any foreign private corporation not now authorized by the charter board to do business in this state may, upon complying, within thirty days hereafter, with the laws of this state affecting such corporation, maintain suits and have recovery on account of any business heretofore done in this state: Provided, That this act shall not affect actions now pending. [Laws 1903, ch. 150, $ 1.]


Sec. 556. Every foreign private corporation having a permit to do business in this state shall, in lieu of the statements or reports now required by law, during the month of February in each year, beginning with the year 1904, file with the secretary of state a written statement of the condition of such corporation at the close of business on the day of the last regular annual statement made by such corporation for its own use, and within one hundred and twenty-five days next preceding the filing of such statement with the secretary of state. If no such regular annual statement for the use of such corporation shall have been made within such one hundred and twenty-five days, then the statement filed with the secretary of state shall show the condition of the corporation at the close of business on the 31st day of December next preceding. Such statement shall show the full corporate name of such corporation; the location of its principal office or place of business without this state; the location of its principal office or place of business within this state, if any it has; the names and addresses of its officers and directors; the amount of its authorized capital stock and the amount of each share; the amount of its capital stock subscribed; and

the amount and general nature of its resources and liabilities, in a form to be prescribed by the charter board. Such statement shall be subscribed and sworn to by the president or general manager and by the secretary of such corporation, and shall be made upon a blank furnished by the secretary of state. [Id., $2.]

See, as to foreign insurance companies, ante, $$ 341, 342, 438, 474 ; as to foreign building and loan associations, $$ 179, 186.



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