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Job Durfee,

Samuel Eddy,
Noyes Barber,
Samuel A. Foot,
Ansel Sterling,
Ebenezer Stoddard,
Gideon Tomlinson,
Lemuel Whitman.
William C. Bradley,
Daniel A. A. Buck,
Samuel C. Crafts,
Rollin C. Mallary,
Charles Rich.
John W. Cady,

Churchill C. Cambreleng,
Lot Clark,
Ela Collins,
Hector Craig,
Rowland Day,
Justin Dwinell,
Lewis Eaton,
Charles A. Foote,
Joel Frost,
Moses Hayden,
James L. Hogeboom,
Lemuel Jenkins,
Elisha Litchfield,
Dudley Marvin,
Henry C. Martindale,
John Richards,
Robert R. Rose,
Peter Sharpe,
Henry R. Storrs,
James Strong,
John W. Taylor,
Egbert Ten Eyck,
Jacob Tyson,
William Van Wyck,
Stephen Van Rensselaer,
Isaac Williams,
Isaac Wilson,
Silas Wood,
William Woods.
George Cassedy,
Lewis Condict,
Daniel Garrison.
George Holcombe,
James Matlack,
Samuel Swan.

From New YORK,



James Allison,
Samuel Breck,
John Brown,
James Buchanan,
Samuel Edwards,
William Cox Ellis,
Patrick Farrelly,
John Findlay,
Walter Forward,
Robert Harris,
Joseph Hemphill
Samuel D. Ingham,
George Kremer,
Samuel M.Kean,
James S. Mitchell,
Thomas Patterson,
George Plumer,
Thomas J. Rogers,
John Tod,
Daniel Udree,
Isaac Wayne,
James Wilson.


Louis M Lane.


William Hayward, Jr.
Joseph Kent,
John Lee,
Peter Little,
Isaac M Kim,
George E. Mitchell.


Mark Alexander, William S. Archer, William Lee Ball, Philip P. Barbour, John S. Barbour, Robert S. Garnett, Joseph Johnson, Jabez Leftwich, William M.Coy, Charles F. Mercer, Thomas Newton, Arthur Smith, William Smith, Alexander Smyth, Andrew Stevenson, James Stephenson, George Tucker, Jared Williams.

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GENTLEMEN: I pray you to accept my most respectful thanks for the honor which you have just conferred on me. The station of Speaker of this House has been always justly considered as one of great respectability and dignity, as well as of high responsibility. But, at the present period, when we are assembled under a new cen. sus, with our number considerably enlarged, and the highest interests of a greatly augmented population committed to our charge, it has acquired much additional im. portance, which requires from the favored object of your selection bis most grateful acknowledgments and the expression of the profoundest sensibility. The principles which should regulate the execution of the duties of the incumbent of the chair are not difficult to comprehend, although their application to particular instances is often extremely delicate and perplexing. They enjoin promptitude and impartiality in deciding the various questions of order as they arise; firmness and dignity in his deportment towards the House; patience, good temper, and courtesy, towards the individual members; and the best arrangement and distribution of the talent of the House,

in its numerous subdivisions, for the despatch of the public business, and the fair ex. hibition of every subject presented for consideration. They especially require of him in those moments of agitation from which‘no deliberative assembly is always en. tirely exempt, to remain cool and unshaken amidst all the storms of debate, carefully guarding the preservation of the permanent laws and rules of the House from being sacrificed to temporary passions, prejudices, or interests. It is on such occasions as these, too, that the chair stands most in need of your support, of your candor, of your liberality, of your unbiassed judgment. I am not so presumptuous, gentlemen, as to promise you that I shall perform the arduous duties of which I have presented an imperfect sketch. All I dare say, is, that I will exert an anxious, faithful, and unremitting endeavor to fulfil the expectations by which I have been so much honored. And may we not indulge the hope, that, with the blessing of Divine Providence, all our deliberations and all our proceedings may tend to sustain the dignity of the House, to maintain the honor and character of the country, and to advance the public welfare and happiness?

The oath to support the Constitution of the United States, as prescribed by the act, entitled “ An act to regulate the time and manner of administering certain oaths," was then administered to the Speaker, by Mr. Newton, one of the Representatives from Virginia; and the same oath (or aflirmation) was then administered, by the Speaker, to all the other members present.

A motion was then made by Mr. Campbell, of Ohio, that Matthew St. Clair Clarke, Clerk to the late House of Representatives, be appointed Clerk to this House;

And the question thereon being taken,
It passed in the affirmative, unanimously.

The oath to support the Constitution of the United States, together with the oath of oitice, as prescribed by the act aforesaid, were then administered to the Clerk, by the Speaker.

On motion of Mr. Newton, it was Resolved, unanimously, That Thomas Dunn be appointed sergeant-atarms: Benjamin Burch, doorkeeper; and John Oswald Dunn. assistant doorkeeper to this House; and that they, severally, give their attendance accordingly.

Henry W. Conway appeared, produced his credentials, and took his seat, as the delegate from the territory of Arkansas; the oath to support the Constitution of the United States, being first administered to him by the Speaker.

On motion of Mr. Tomlinson, it was Ordered, That a message be sent to the Senate, to inform them that a quorum of this House have assembled, and have elected HENRY CLAY their Speaker, and that this House is now ready to proceed to business; and that the Clerk do


with said message. On motion of Mr. Newton, Ordered, That the daily hour to which the House shall stand adjourned, be twelve o'clock in the forenoon, until otherwise ordered.

On motion of Mr. Little,

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