Annual Report of the Commission on Economy and Efficiency, Volume 3

Wright & Potter Printing Company, State Printers, 1915

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Página 76 - All certificates issued by said board shall be signed by its officers, and such certificates shall be prima facie evidence of the right of the holder to practice dentistry in the State of California.
Página 190 - This agreement, made and entered into this day of' in the year one thousand nine hundred and , by and between The City of New...
Página 189 - ... agreed in writing with said board to hereafter furnish suitable and sufficient school buildings, and model and practice schools, in connection with the training department of said normal school ; the terms of said agreement to be satisfactory to said board.
Página 287 - Upon the expiration of his term of office a member shall continue to serve until his successor is appointed and shall have qualified.
Página 290 - Upon application by the commission to any justice of the supreme judicial court, or of the superior court, the said justice may issue a commission to one or more competent persons in another state for the examination of a person without this commonwealth relative to any matter within the scope of the said investigation or of this act.
Página 290 - Chapter two hundred and twenty of the acts of the year nineteen hundred and ten and all acts and parts of acts inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed. SECTION 12.
Página 76 - An applicant who fails to pass a satisfactory examination shall be entitled to one re-examination at any future meeting of the board, free of charge, but for each subsequent examination, he shall pay five dollars.
Página 176 - In connection with the foregoing, constant and careful attention to be given throughout the course to drawing and delineations on the blackboard; music; spelling, with derivations and definitions; reading, including analysis of sounds and vocal gymnastics ; and writing. The Latin and French languages may be pursued as optional studies, but not to the neglect of the English course.
Página 288 - ... document, which shall be printed, and shall be submitted on or before the first Thursday in January of each year to the governor and council for examination, and the governor shall transmit the same to the general court with such recommendations, if any, as he may deem proper. The auditor shall also submit his estimates for the ensuing fiscal year for the ordinary and other revenue of the commonwealth which shall be made a part of the document herein provided for. Copies of the document shall...
Página 289 - ... where such person resides or carries on business, in requiring the attendance and testimony of witnesses and the production of books, papers, correspondence, memoranda, contracts, agreements, and other records.

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