Reports of Cases Heard and Determined in the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Volume 23


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Página 485 - This section shall not be construed to prevent the issuing of certificates of indebtedness or revenue bonds issued in anticipation of the collection of taxes for amounts actually contained, or to be contained in the taxes for the year when such certificates or revenue bonds are issued and payable out of such taxes.
Página 484 - No county or city shall be allowed to become indebted for any purpose or in any manner to an amount which, including existing indebtedness, shall exceed ten per centum of the assessed valuation of the real estate of such county or city subject to taxation, as it appeared by the assessment rolls of said county or city on the last assessment for state or county taxes prior to the incurring of such indebtedness...
Página 570 - ... be accompanied by an immediate delivery, and be followed by an actual and continued change of possession...
Página 395 - ... 1. A cause of action, arising out of the contract or transaction, set forth in the complaint as the foundation of the plaintiff's claim, or connected with the subject of the action. 2. In an action on contract, any other cause of action on contract, existing at the commencement of the action.
Página 52 - ... to any relative by blood or connection by marriage of the insured or beneficiary who is deemed by the insurer to be equitably entitled thereto.
Página 280 - Attorney, full power and authority to do and -perform all and every act and thing whatsoever requisite and necessary to be done in and about thc premises, as fully to all intents and purposes, as I might or could do if personally present, with full power of substitution and revocation; hereby ratifying and confirming all that my said Attorney, or his substitute, shall lawfully do, or cause to be done, by virtue .hereof...
Página 72 - ... an error, in the admission or exclusion of evidence, or in any other ruling or direction of the judge, upon the trial, may, in the discretion of the court which reviews it. be disregarded, if that court is of opinion, that substantial justice does not require that a new trial should be granted.
Página 430 - The shareholders of every national banking association shall be held individually responsible, equally and ratably, and not one for another, for all contracts, debts and engagements of such association, to the extent of the amount of their stock therein, at the par value thereof, in addition to the amount invested in such shares...
Página 362 - The plaintiff may unite, in the same complaint, two or more causes of action, whether they are such as were formerly denominated legal or equitable, or both, where they are brought to recover as follows : 1.
Página 54 - The company may make any payment provided for in this policy to any relative by blood or connection by marriage of the insured, or to any other person appearing to said company to be equitably entitled to the same by reason of having incurred expense in any way on behalf of the insured, for his or her burial, or for any other purpose...

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