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In the progress of this work through the Press, great care has been taken to avoid typographical errors, while its contents have been revised and diligently collated throughout from the best existing authorities.

With the view of rendering the work more permanently complete, it is my intention to prepare, as occasion may require, printed in a uniform style, the subsequent addresses and messages, in a supplemental sheet, which will be supplied at a trifling cost, and may at any time be bound up with the volume.

IEDWARD WALKER. 112 Fulton-st., March, 1841.

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Special Message, Feb. 24th, 1824.

Eighth Annual Message,

Special Message, March 8th, 1822. 44 “ March 26th 1822. 4- “ May 4th, 1822.

JOHN Q. A D A M S 'S Inaugural Address,

First Annual Message, - - .
Second Annual Message, . - - -
Third Annual Message, - - - -

Fourth Annual Message, . - - -

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