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mercy, short afflictions to an eternal weight of glory; as thou hast been pleased to turn the sins of this thy servant into sickness, so turn, we beseech thee, his sickness to the advantage of holiness and religion, of mercy and pardon, of faith and hope, of grace and glory. Thou hast now called him to suffer. Lord, relieve his sorrow and support his spirit, direct his thoughts and sanctify his sickness, that the punishment of his sin may be to him a school of virtue. Make him behave as a son under discipline, humbly and obediently, evenly and patiently, that he may be brought by this means nearer to thee; that if he shall recover his former health, he may return to the world with greater strength of spirit, to run a new race of stricter holiness, and more severe religion; or if he shall pass hence through the gates of death, he may rejoice in the hope of being ad. mitted into that heavenly society, in which all thy saints and servants shall be comprehended to eternal ages. Grant this, for Jesus Christ's sake, our blessed Lord and Saviour. Amen.

A prayer for thankfulness in sickness. O GOD, wonderful both in thy mercies and judgments, grant that the sense of thy servant's present afflictions may not cause him to forget thy former mercies, which thou hast bestowed upon him: 0, therefore, let the remembrance of those many and great blessings that he hath so long enjoyed at thy hand, be now the proper motives and incentives to the virtues of patience and humility, causing him cheerfully to resign himself to thy blessed will under all the dispensations of thy providence, though ever so hard; and patiently to wait for the return of thy loving-kindness in Jesus, which is better than life. Amen.

A prayer for a blessing on the means used for a sick

person's recovery.

(From Mr. Kettlewell.) O GRACIOUS Lord, by whose word man lives, and not by any human means alone; direct, we pray thee, the counsels of those who prescribe to this thy servant, and prosper the medicines which are used to procure him

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ease and strength; but let not his confidence in them lessen any thing of his dependance on thee, but make him sensible that every good gift is from thee, and that it is thou that givest us help in time of need. To whom, therefore, but to thee, should we flee in the day of our visitation? since it is thy blessing only that maketh the means we use effectual; and, however vain the use of them is without thee, if thou biddest them, the things or accidents which we do not think of, or regard, shall recover us. O, therefore, as their part, who administer to him, is the care, so let thine, O God, be the blessing, and his the comfort: and as he regards them as thy instruments, so let him own thee for the Author of his mercies, and to thee give thanks, and pay his vows and services : through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.


A prayer for a sick person when there appears some

hope of recovery.

(From Bishop Patrick.) We thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that thou hast heard our prayers for thine afflicted servant, and given him some respite and hopes of recovery from this great illness. Blessed be thy goodness, that he hath not made his bed in the dust, but is likely to continue still amongst us, in the land of the living. Blessed be thy goodness for so great (and lately unexpected) mercy to him.

And, O thou Preserver of man! who hast begun to revive and quicken him again; go on to perfect his cure, and forsake not the work of thy own hands. Repair all the decays in his outward man, that his mind may also recover its former strength, to praise and bless thy goodness to him.

And visit him, in the mean time, with thy heavenly consolation from above. Fill him with comfortable thoughts of thy love, and of the tender compassionate care which our Lord Jesus takes of all his afflicted servants. Endue him still with more patient submission to thy will, and enable him both quietly to wait upon thee, till thou hast finished his recovery, and also to continue steadfastly resolved to serve thee more faith, fully with his restored strength: through Jesus Christ our blessed Saviour and Redeemer. Amen. Another, in behalf of the sick person, when he finds any

abatement of his distemper. ACCEPT, O Lord, of the unfeigned thanks of thy ser. vant for abating the fury of his present distemper, and giving him some hopes of raising him up again to praise thee in the great congregation.

It is a great mercy, O Lord, and owing to thy goodness only, that his senses are preserved entire, and that he hath some respite, after so much uneasiness and pain, through the violence of his illness.

O perfect, if it be thy blessed will, what thou hast begun in him, and say to the distemper, “ It is enough."

Teach him hence to look up to thee continually, as the rock of his salvation, whence only he is to expect comfort and support: and give him grace always to make such a right use of thy favours, that he may daily find himself surrounded by the light of thy countenance, and enjoy the blessings of thy heavenly benediction in all his ways, whether in adversity or prosperity, in sickness or in health. Even so, blessed Lord, continue to assist, strengthen, comfort, and bless him, both pow and for evermore, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

A prayer for one who is dangerously ill. O ALMIGHTY God,“gracious, and merciful, and longsuffering, whose compassions fail not;" look down, we beseech thee, upon the low and distressed state of thy servant, now lying in the extremity of sickness. The harder his illness presses upon him, the louder does it call upon thee for help. O be merciful therefore unto him, according to the necessity of his case, and according to the multitude of thy tender mercies in Jesus Christ. Rebuke the distemper, that it prevail not over him to death; but turn its malevolent aspect into a joyous expectation of life. In as great danger as he is, yet if thou wilt, O Lord, we know thou canst make him whole; if thou speakest the word, it shall be done. In submission, therefore, to thy most wise and good disposal of all things, we beg this mercy at thy hands, that thon

Jilest let “this” bitter “cup pass away” from

E thy servant, and cause “a way forhim to escape"

out of this dangerous condition. O spare him a little, and his soul shall live." Amen.

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A prayer for a sick person when sickness continues

long upon him.

(From Bishop Patrick.)
LOOK down, O Lord, we humbly beseech thee, with
an eye of compassion on thy poor distressed servant,
who hath lain so long under this severe affliction; and
by how much the outward man is decayed and brought
low by the tediousness of the distemper's continuing on
him, by so much the more do thou be pleased to support
him in the inner man by the gracious assistance of thy
Holy Spirit. Give him upfeigned repentance for all the
errors of his past life, and steadfast faith in thy Son
Jesus Christ; a comfortable assurance of the truth of all
his precious promises, a lively hope of that immortal
bliss in which he reigns for evermore, and a strong
sense of thy fatherly love to him, and care over him,
which may make him heartily love thee, and entirely
confide in thee, and absolutely resign both soul and body
to thy wise disposal.

We know there is nothing too hard for thee; but that
if thou wilt, thou canst bring him up even from the
gates of death, and grant him a longer continuance
among us. May it be thy good pleasure, O most gra-
cious God, still to continue him here; spare him, o
Lord, and deliver him also speedily from this misery,
under which he hath so long groaned. Bless all the
means that are used for his recovery and for the sup-
port of his spirits, and give him refreshment during
this tedious sickness. Release him from his pain, or
grant him some ease, or else increase and strengthen
his patience. Help him, in remembrance of thy past
loving-kindness, to trust in thy goodness, and submit to
thy wisdom, and bear with an equal mind what thou
thinkest fit to lay upon him ; so that approving himself
to thee in these and all other virtues, while thou triest
him by so sore an affliction, may say at the
with the holy Psalmist, “It was good for me that I was
in trouble.

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cerns, grant that he may do it with exact justice, according to the rules of our own religion, and the dictates of right reason. He unfeignedly thanks thee for thy great mercies, in having so liberally provided for kim, that he may be rather helpful than chargeable to any, and die a benefactor, and not in debt.

We charitably hope, that what he is now about to dispose of, was all procured by fair and righteous dealings, that he may comfortably feel, that“ it is more blessed to give than to receive."

Let him be ready with good Zaccheus, to make res titution in the best manner he is able, and to say with Samuel :

* Behold, here I am; witness against me before the Lord: whose ox have I stolen, or whose ass hare I tašen, or whom have I defrauded? whom have I op pressed, or of whose hand have I received any bribe to blind mine eyes therewith ? and I will restore it.”

Lord, give himn strength to order all things in as due and regular a manner as if he were well. Let his memory be perfect, and his judgment sound, and his heart so rightly disposed, that he may do nothing amiss, or througb partiality, but that justice and integrity may be seen through the whole conduct of his will.

(If rich, add this.) Let the light of his charity likewise shine gloriously before men, that out of the abundance thou hast been pleased to bless him with, he may plentifully give to the poor and distressed, though no otherwise related to him but as they are members of Jesus Christ, and brethren and sisters of the same communion.

Let him, 0 let him, now, O Lord, and at all times, if thou shouldst graciously continue him here any longer, make to" himself such friends of the unrighteous mammon, that when these fail, they may receive him into everlasting habitations." Amen.

A prayer for a sick penitent,

(From Mr. Kettlewell.) RIGHTEOUS art thou, O God, in all the pains and sorrows which punish our sins and try our patience.

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