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Laws of 1831. Chap. 186. As to funds for,....

1839. Chap. 13. The same,
1846. Chap. 143. One in Western New York,..
1850. Chap. 24. Persons to be sent to, .
1851. Chap. 332. Another one in New York,
1852. Chap. 387. Western New York,...
1853. Chap. 608. United States Convicts,
1856. Chap. 123. Buffalo Asylum,
1857. Chap. 759. Amending same,
1858. Chap. 43. New York Asylum,
1861. Chap. 306. Western New York,

Vol. Page.
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V, 212
V, 213
V, 218
V, 219
V, 227
V, 228
V, 228
V, 235
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V, 240

CHAP. V. Insane Criminals,..
Laws of 1855. Chap. 456. Provision for,....

1857. Chap. 144. Funds for,....
1858. Chap. 130. State Asylum for,...

V, 241
V, 241
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CHAP. VI. Provisions as to Criminal Courts,
Laws of 1851. Chap. 444. Courts of Sessions, .

1854. Chap. 73. Oyer and Terminer,.
1857. Chap. 769. Special Sessions,..
1859. Chap. 208. Terms Extended,..
1861. Chap. 96. Transfer of Cases, .

V, 245 V, 245 V, 245 V, 246 V, 250 V, 250

CHAP. VII. Pardons,

Laws of 1849. Chap. 310. Notice to be given,..

V, 251 V, 251

CHAP. VIII. Criminal Statistics,
Laws of 1839. Chap. 259. Statements by Courts,

1841. Chap. 274. Allowance for same,.
1861. Chap. 97. Reports to be made,

V, 251 V, 251 V, 254 V, 254

CHAP. IX. Foreign Convicts,

Laws of 1833. Chap. 230. Introduction Prohibited,

V, 257
V, 257


Articles of Confederation,
First Constitution of the State,.
Second do

do Local description of Counties,

of Towns,

of Cities, Revisers' Notes,

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V, 1
V, 13
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CHAP. 6.
AN ACT concerning Bastards in certain Counties.

Passed October 14, 1828. The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows :

3 1. In those counties where the distinction between town Proceedpoor and county poor has been abolished, and in those coun- ings when ties which are by law liable to the support of the poor thereof, charge. or of the poor of the towns of such county, the same proceedings may be bad, and with the like effect, against the father and mother of any bastard child already born in any such county, or hereafter born therein, or of any child likely to be born a bastard, as if such bastard was chargeable or likely to become chargeable to any town, and such proceedings may be instituted by the overseers of the poor of the town where such bastard shall be born, or be likely to be born, or by the county superintendents of the poor of such county.

a county

17 J. R., 41.


CHAP 287.
AN ACT relative to Moneys in the hands of Overseers of

the Poor.

PASSED April 27, 1829. The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate

and Assembly, do enact as follows : Money how $ 1. It shall be lawful for the inhabitants of any town in to brappro- such counties as have abolished the distinction between county

and town paupers, and in such counties as may hereafter abolish such distinction, at any annual or special town-meeting to appropriate all or any part of the moneys and funds remaining in the bands of the overseers of the poor of such town after such abolition, to such objects, and for such pur

poses, as shall be determined on at such meeting. School fund, $ 2. If any such meeting shall appropriate such money or

funds for the benefit of common schools in their town, the money so appropriated shall be denominated “ The common school fund of such town," and shall be under the care and superintendence of the commissioners of common schools of

said town. Money and S 3. If any such meeting shall appropriate such money or to he deliv. funds for the benefit of common schools, after such appropri

ation shall have been made, and after the commissioners of missioners. common schools shall have taken the oath of office, the over

seers of the poor of such towns shall then pay over and deliver to the said commissioners, such moneys, bonds, mortgages, notes and other securities, remaining in their hands as such overseers of the poor, as will comport with the appropriation made for the benefit of common schools of their town.

$ 4. The said commissioners of common schools may sue for and collect in their name of office, the money due or to become due on such bonds, mortgages, notes or other securities, and also all other securities by them tạken under the

provisions of this act. Permanent $ 5. The moneys, bonds, mortgages, notes and other secu

rities aforesaid, shall continue and be a permanent fund, to be denominated the commou school fund of the town appropriating the same, the annual interest of which shall be applied to the support of common schools in such towns, unless the inhabitants of such town, in annual town-meeting, shall make a different disposition of the whole of the principal and interest, or any part thereof, for the benefit of the common schools of such town.

$ 6. The said commissioners of common schools whenever bond and mortgage.

the whole or any part of the principal of said fund shall come to their hands, shall loan the same on bond, secured by a

ered to school com


school fund.

Loans on


mortgage on real estate of double the value of the moneys so loaned, exclusive of buildings or artificial erections thereon.

S 7. The said commissioners of common schools may pur- Foreclosure chase in the estate on which the fund shall have been secured, gage. upon the foreclosure of any mortgage, and may hold and convey the same for the use of said fund.

S 8. The said commissioners of common schools shall retain Interest the interest of said common school fund, which shall be dis- applied. tributed and applied to the support of common schools of such town, in like manner as the public money for the support of common schools shall be distributed by law.

$ 9. The said commissioners of common schools shall Commis: account annually, in such manner and at such time as town account officers are required by law to account, and shall deliver to

annually. their successors in office all moneys, books, securities and papers whatsoever, relating to said fund, and shall take a receipt therefor, and file the same with the town clerk.

CHAP. 277.
AN ACT to amend the Act for the relief and support of

Indigent Persons. Part First, Chapter Twenty, Title

PASSED April 25, 1831. The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:

S 1. Any person who shall bring or remove, or canse to be Penalty for brought or removed, any poor or indigent person, from any foreign panplace without this state, into any county or town within it, this state. and there leave or attempt to leave such person, with intent to make such county or town chargeable with the support of such panper, he shall forfeit and pay fifty dollars, to be recovered before any justice of the peace of the county into which such panper shall be brought, to be sued for and recovered by and in the name of the superintendents of the county poor of said county, or by the overseers of the poor of the town into which such pauper shall be brought"; and, moreover, shall be obliged to convey such pauper out of the state, or support him at bis own expense: and it shall be lawful for the justice before whom any person shall be convicted for a violation of tbis act, to require of such person satisfactory security that he will, within a reasonable time, to be named by the justice, transport such pauper out of the state, or indemnify the town or county for all charges and expenses which may be incurred in the support of such pauper; and if such person shall refuse to give such security when so required, it shall be the duty of the justice to commit him to the conimou jail of the county, for a term not exceeding three months.

4 D., 571; 8 W., 672; 19 J. R., 56; 11 J. R., 167.

PART I How applied.


Children to be taught.

$ 2. All penalties recovered under this act, shall be applied as directed in the sixty-fifth section of the law hereby amended.

S 3. The sixty-fourth section of title first, chapter twenty, first part of the Revised Statutes is hereby repealed.

S 4. The superintendents of the county poor-houses which now are or hereafter may be established by law, are hereby required to cause all county and town paupers, over the age of five and under the age of sixteen years, who now are or hereafter may be in said poor-houses, to be taught and educated, in the same manner as children are now taught in the common schools of this state, at least one-fourth part of the time the said paupers shall remain in said poor-houses.

$ 5. The expense of teaching and educating the said paupers, shall be paid by the counties and towns, in the same manner as other contingent charges are paid for the support of said paupers.

$ 6. It shall not be lawful for the trustees of any school district to include, in their annual returns, the names of any children who are supported at a county poor-house.


Not to be returned in school report.

the overseers of the

CHAP, 26.
AN ACT extending the Powers of County Superinten-

dents of the Poor.

Passed February 23, 1832. The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate

and Assembly, do enact as follows : Accounts of

S 1. The superintendents of the poor in the several counties

in this state shall audit and settle all accounts of overseers poar, how of the poor, justices of the peace, and all other persons, for

services relating to the support, relief or transportation of county paupers; and shall, from time to time, draw on the county treasurer for the amount of the accounts which they shall so audit and settle.

9 B., 267. Bastard S 2. Superintendents of the poor in any county in this state

shall have power to make such compromise and arrangements with the putative fathers of any bastard children, within their jurisdiction, relative to the support of such children, as they shall deem equitable and just; and thereupon, to discharge such putative father from all liability for the support of such bastards.

3 H., 116.


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