Joint Documents ... for the Year ..., Parte 2

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Página 25 - No law shall embrace more than one object, which shall be expressed in its title...
Página 23 - The stockholders of every bank shall be individually liable, equally and ratably, and not one for another, for the benefit of the depositors in said bank to the amount of their stock at the par value thereof, in addition to the said stock...
Página 24 - ... the person pledging such stock shall be deemed the stockholder and liable under this section. Such liability may be enforced in a suit at law or in equity by any such bank in process of liquidation, or by any receiver, or other officer succeeding to the legal rights of said bank.
Página 25 - From time to time, after full provision has been first made for refunding to the United States any deficiency in redeeming the notes of such association, the Comptroller shall make a ratable dividend of the money so paid over to him by such receiver on all such claims as may have been proved to his satisfaction or adjudicated in a court of competent jurisdiction...
Página 21 - Deduct amount received from other companies for losses or claims on policies of this Company reinsured...
Página 287 - Gross amount paid by members to the association or its agents, without deductions for commissions or other expenses, viz: 81.
Página 178 - Interest due and accrued on stocks not Included in market value Interest due and accrued on collateral loans Groes premiums in course of collection not more than three months due.
Página 25 - An act to revise the laws authorizing the business of banking and to establish a banking department for the supervision of such business,7' being section (;090 of the Compiled Laws of 1897.
Página 102 - Third — 1. Claims for death losses and matured endowments due and unpaid; 2. Claims for death losses and matured endowments in process of adjustment or adjusted and not due; 3. Claims resisted by the company; 4.
Página 244 - GENERAL INTERROGATORIES. Total amount of premiums received from the organization of the company to date...

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