A Grimoire of Tarot Magic

Lulu Enterprises Incorporated, 2006 - 176 páginas
"Create your own Reality & Future now with A Grimoire of Tarot Magic! Are you tired of living a powerless life in the face of whatever fate has in store for you? Disappointed each time the Psychic Tarot reader tells you that what she sees in the cards or in her visions is what you get leaving you feel hopeless and doomed to a future of failure and sorrow? A Grimoire of Tarot Magic will help you recreate your own destiny with the Tarot cards and by applying the ingredients presented in these pages will help give you the power to reshape your own future and readings! According to Quantum Physics by recreating our thoughts we create our own reality and desires! Do not be powerless anymore! Regain your own power once and for all! Be the one behind the wheel and get ready to create your own future with the laws of attraction through Tarot Magic!"

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