The Works of Alexander Pope: Esq. with Notes and Illustrations by Himself and Others. To which are Added, a New Life of the Author, an Estimate of His Poetical Character and Writings, and Occasional Remarks, Volume 9


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Página 230 - His figure was beautiful ; but his manner was irresistible, by either man or woman. It was by this engaging, graceful manner, that he was enabled, during all his war, to connect the various and jarring powers of the Grand Alliance, and to carry them on to the main object of the war, notwithstanding their private and separate views, jealousies, and wrongheadednesses.
Página 99 - I am confident it is the prettiest kind of white soul in the universe. But I forget whom I am talking to ; you may possibly by this time believe, according to the prophet, that you have none ; if so, show me that which comes next to a soul ; you may easily put it upon a poor ignorant Christian for a soul, and please him as well with it ; — I mean your heart ; — Mahomet, I think, allows you hearts ; which (together with fine eyes and other agreeable equivalents), are worth all the souls on this...
Página 70 - I no longer look upon Theocritus as a romantic writer ; he has only given a plain image of the way of life amongst the peasants of his country...
Página 225 - English stages, and it is only by a blind confidence in the reputation of Milton that a drama can be praised in which the intermediate parts have neither cause nor consequence, neither hasten nor retard the catastrophe.
Página 238 - I do."—" If you do, my lord, it is but lately. May I beg to know what new light or arguments have prevailed with you now, to entertain an opinion so contrary to that which you entertained of that book all the former part of your life ?"—The...
Página 283 - It would have been ridiculous to suppose you ignorant of it : I cannot think, you need be told, that it meant you no harm ; — and it had...
Página 110 - He showed where stood the triple rows of butts of sack, and where were ranged the bottles of tent for toasts in the morning.
Página 106 - I did not value you more than any, nay every body else there ; and you'll be convinced how little the town has engaged my affections in your absence from it, when you know what a place this is which I prefer to it ; I shall therefore describe it to you at large, as the true picture of a genuine ancient country-seat. You must expect nothing regular...
Página 71 - Turk is very different from what is spoke at court, or amongst the people of figure; who always mix so much Arabic and Persian in their discourse, that it may very well be called another language. And 'tis as ridiculous to make use of the expressions commonly used, in...
Página 103 - Such an one can't but be desperately fond of any creature that is quite different from these. If the Circassian be utterly void of such honour as these have, and such virtue as these boast of, I am content. I have detested the sound of honest woman, and loving spouse, ever since I heard the pretty name of Odaliche.

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