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" tis commonly taken with us for a High-way, or Bank raised in Marshy Ground for Foot.Passage, tho' even sometimes the Ways for HorsePassage are also known by this Name, such as that beyond Fryer Bacon's Study by Ox. "
Peter Langtoft's Chronicle,: (as Illustrated and Improv'd by Robert of ... - Página 597
de Peter (of Langtoft) - 1810 - 718 páginas
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Reprinted Glossaries

Rev. W. W. Skeat - 1874
...John's College, Cambridge.] Causey, sb. a bank raised in marshy ground for foot-passage. Oxford. ' Kauce, causey, from the old French caussie, which...commonly taken with us for a highway, or bank raised m marshy ground for foot-passage, tho' even sometimes the ways for horse-passage are also known by...
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