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onlie 4 parrishes names begining with an are to be found in all Sommersett, Dørsett,; Glocester and the West of Wiltshire, as there are 10 Wills, su 14 ans, about Storage, the Wills voting that it was a Temple, the ang that it was a Temple of Andraste, alias Anraith, alias Andates.

Q. But of what forme and countenance was this Idoll ? Gildas sapiens (alias Badonicus) an old Briton, borne at Bathe about 20 miles from Stonage Anno Domini 493. in bis Book de excidio Britannorum describeth the Idols of that his native Country in these words:

Nec enumerans patriæ portenta ipsa diabolica, pene numero Ægyptiaca vincentia, quorum nonnulla, lineamentis adhuc deformibus, intra vel extrą, deserta moenia solito more rigentia, torois roulţibus intuemur. He doth charactarize them, first by their monstrous shape, implied in the word portenta.

2. by their Father and Patron, in ipsa: Diabolica.

3. by their multitude, in pene numero Ægypiaca pincentia, although they Goddified their very Leeks and Onyons, to encrease their number, insomuch that Juvenal scoffed at them, saying, felices gentes, quibus hæc noscuntur, etc.

4. by their deformed lineaments, in lineamentis de. formibus.

5. by their Temples, in intra del extra moenia.

6. by their long standing in the word, adhuc, from the begining of the world till his daies.

7. by their bullish countenances, in torvis pultibus. For torous comes from Taurus. Gold. Dictio, and as these words of Gildas, so the bullish names of divers cir cumjacent parrishes, do intimate, that Anraith was a very Bullegger, as Bulford, two Bluntoons, orthog. Bul:


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lantuownes, (i. e.) Bulls- Temple, Downes, and will: fall, orthog, Bullfall, (i, e.) Bul Devils, and why might not the soldBritons have their Bul Devil, as well as the Israelites their Calf Devill, and, the Egyptians their O.x Devil, Apis ? , 12. In this Temple the said Victors sacrificed their Captives and Spoiles lo; their said Idoll of Victorię, where 4shall shew, that

h. The said: Britons, usually sacrificed their, Captives and Spoiles,

2. to Andates, aliàs Anraith, in Temples consecrated. (3. That they sacrificed their captives, and spoiles there in this Temple of Andate. jThe Britons usually sacrificed their Captives and Spoiles of war, according to the testimony of Julius Cæsar!, when he ioyaded this Island, Qui in bello versantur, aut pro victimis homines ? immolant, aut inmolaturos vovent, (i. e.) They which addict, themselves to warr; either :sacrifice or pow. they will sacrifice men, (i. e.) their Çaptides, as Victimes for Victory (saith be). The Ma. jesty of the immortalGoddess would not be pleased, unless they offer up the life of « Captive, or the life of a man, and they have sacrificed or publickly instituted, and some of them (saith he) make hallow images of vast magnitude, with twiggs wreathed about together, whose members they fill up with living men, (i. e.) Captives, and so burn the Images, men and all together: and these instanges are sufficient, to prove, that the old Britons did usually sacrifice their Captives.

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* Emolantur MS.

· Cæsar's Com. I. lib. * 560. [* L. 6to. H.] H. 3 F. Gods. H. Sic. H.

2. They

2. They usually sacrificed their Captives and spoiles to Andates in her Temple; and this I prove out of Coro nelius Tacitus. The Romans having conquered Britaine, tyrannized so intollerably over them, that Prasutagus, King of the Iceni, that he might free his Subjects from their calamities, made the Romane Emperor Nero his Heir, hoping that hey, and his, should thereby have the more favour, during his life at least; but the Romanes taking all for their owne, presently tyrannized infinitely the more, whipped his Queen Baodicea, ravished his daughters, and plundered his Subjects of all their estates, whereupon his wife Baodicea (whom Gildas termes the subtill Lioness) stirring up first the Trinobantes (i. e.) the Londoners, and afterwards the Britons in generall, raised a most blody warr against the Romans, cut off their two Colonics Verolamium, and Camalodunum, destroyed 'three in the Legion, put Catus Decianus to flight, destroyed 80000 of them, some by the sword, and some by sacrificing them with the greatest crueltie to Andates in her Temple.

And that those old Britons sacrificed their Captives al. so to Andates in this her Temple, may appear by this, that it had all accomodations for such hcathonish sacrifices, as an internall, or spatious, Court, lying round about, marked with the Letter A in the frontispice, wherein the Victimes for oblation were slain, into which it was unlawfull for any prophane person to enter. It was seperated from the circumjacent plain with a large trench, (marked with B) instead of a wall, as a boundarie about the Temple, most conformable to the maine

F. their ninth Legion. H.


work, wholy exposed to open view. Without this Trench the common promiscuous multitude, with zeal too much attended their Idolatrous sacrifices, and might see the oblations, but not come within them.

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affie, affie, assure, affirm, confirm,

rely, trust, affix, joyn, to have af. france

, to fix. on his folk afa, at, lo. a Bangore, at fie, joyn himself to his people.

Bangor. a Gode's grace, affied, relyed, depended. of God's grace, or by God's 'affies, trusts.

grace. a dynt, at a blora. affraied, affrighted, affraid. abaist, abash'd, terrify'd, confound- affraies, frights.

ed. be kỳng abaist him nouht, affray, affright, to affright, afThe king did not at all abash frighten, terrify, affraid, fright, a or lessen himself ; sive potius, fright, a fear. þer of had many The king wus not at all terri. affray, many were afrighted at it. fy'd.

affrayes, frays, frights, terrors. abaued, abashed, astonished, re- affrays, fright, terror, fear, duced to mean fortune.

afie, fx, rely. abbeus, abbeys.

a frygte, afrighted. abide, abide, exspect, remain, con- after with dede, followed after. tinue.

agast, astonished. abie, buy.

agayn sive a gayn, against. abite, habit.

agen, against. abouen, above.

ageyn sive a geýn, to, towards, abowen, above.

against, again. a cheson, occasion.

ageyns, towards, against. a cord, accord, agreement.

ageỳnsaid, gainsaid, contradicted. acordance, agreement.

ageỳnto, again to. a dele, a deal, very much.

ageýnward, towards them again, affaied, affraid, affrighted, af- backwards, fecied.

agrete, a great. affaies, burthens.

agreued, aggrieved. affere, affright.

aiorned, adjourned. afferme, confirin.

akres, fields. So that the Word affiance, affiance, assurance, conf. was taken formerly in a more dence, trust.

crtended Sense than it is at

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