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clxviili. vi s. iii d. ob.




nour, very well sett with Okes, Asshes and

Oute of the Maples, tlie Parcells,


pxiiii with the Acres wher


i.xiiis. of, in the particular (vd.

the Tym

ber and Buke of survey, at this

old wood, present tyme made,

nor myfully doe

appere, wbiche are estemed

spoyld nor now worth to be sold,


hurt, but over and besides the

MLXX still to Tymbre,

xxvi li.

li, xs. conty new Also the Tymbre


as they are growing and being

there within the saide

may a Woodes, whereof the

yerely nombre of the Trees, dlv li.

Wood with the several Prices xvis.

sale be in the foresaide parti- vii d.

made culare Boke of survey

thereof to playnly doe appere, is

the somme estemed to the value

and value of


Games of Fesanntes. Also within the saide Woodes there were founde, at this present survey. ii. eyes of Fe

7 sanntes, whiche allways her to fore have beni. Eyes. used to bred there,

Able mon to serve the King. Also there are Reciant and demouring within the saide Lorueship, of the 'Tenanntes aperteynyng unto the same, allwayes being in a readynes, when so ever they shall be

upon to serve the King, to the nombre of

The Mannour of Idmistonne.

Rentes of Assist anid Customary Tenauntes. The Rentes of Assise of the Freholders, apperteynyng unto the saide Manour of Ide

ix d. myston, are of the yerely value of

Vol. II.

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iiij d.


The Rentes of Coppieholders and Cu

xviii li. stomary Tenanntes, appending unto the saide xvii li. xs. xix s. ob. Manour, with the Workes and Customes, Sii d. ob. whiche they are bounde to doe by Tenure of there Landes, are of the yearly value of

Demaynes, Perquisites of Courtes and Fynes.
The Scite of the saide Manour, with the fiii li.
Demaynes apperteynyng unto the saide Ma- xiii s.
nour, are of the yerely value of
The Proffites comyng of the Perquysites

iiji d.
of Courtes, Fynes and other Casualties, were viii li.
answered this yere unto the Kinge's Highnesvii s.
to the some of

Alle men to serve the King. Also there are recyánnt and inhabiting within the saide Manour of Tenanntes, and other able persons, beyng in a readines to xx. serve the Kinge's Highnes, when so ever they shal be called upon to the noinbre of

Bondmen. Also there are within the Precincte of the same Manour, certayne Bondmen, whose Bodies and Goodes are at the Kinge's fligh nes pleasure, to the nombre of


The Parsonages of Dommerhamme, Martone, Deyerel!

The Tithes of Corne and Haie, appeşteyn-
yng unto the Rectorye or Parsonage of Dom-
merham, witliin the saide Countie of Wilte- \ xviii Ji.
shyre aforesaid, with other Tithes to the
same belonging, are of the yerelv value of

The Tithes of Corne and Haye, apper. teyning unto the Chapel of Martonne, with x li. xiii s. other Titles to the same belonging and per- iii d. teyning, are of the yerely value of

The Tithes of Corne, Haye, and

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Temporalties. Also within the Citie of London, there are certeyne Landes and Tenementes, now apperteynyng unto the Kinge’s Highe Ma- (xxxi li. jestie, by Attaincture of the saide xiis. vii d. late attaincted Monasterie, whiche were let out to dyvers persons there, før terme of yeres, to the yerely value of

Also with in the saide Citie of London, there are certaine other Tenementes and Gardynes, apperteyning unto the Kinge's Highnes, by reason of the saide Attaincture (lxvi s. of the same late Monasterye at. (vii d.


xxxiiii li.


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taincted, whiche were allwayes kepte in the Abbat's owne handęs, to the yerely value of



The Mannour of Barslake.

Rentes of Assise. The Rentes of Assise of the Freholders, apperteynyng unto the saide Manourof Barselake, allwayes payable at the Feastes of th' annunciation of oure Ladye and Sainct Mi-> vis. viii d. chaell tharchangell, as it dothe appeare in old terrours ther of made, are the yerely value of The Scite of the House and Demaynes.

xxiii li. The Scite of the saide Manour, withe the

(vi ș. viji I, Demayne Landes apperteynyng there unto, are letton owte by Indenture, for diverse yeres yet to come, and were answered this ( xxiii li. yere unto the Kinge's most highe Majestie, as yt dothe appere in the Bokes of accomptes, to the some of


Some totall of all the foresaide Landes and Possessions, aswell : Spiritual as Temporall, over and besides olde Woodes and

Tymbre, perteyning to th saide late Monastery, in the Coun

ties of



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wayesin aredines to serve the King, when they shall be called upon,

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Some total of all the

a payre of Harnesse.

ob. 4:


upon to

Rentes and

1. Fermes of Cop

M. C. pieholders, Cu

ij. ii. stomary Te

xxiji li. nanntes, Inden

jis, xd., ture holders and

ob. Demaynes Perquisites of) iii LXXCourtes, Fynes, Siji li. and other Casual

j iii ș. ini ties

d. q. ob. 1. Wooddesalés, over and besydes Lxvii li. Mc

iiviiolde Woodes, communibus vi d.


li. x S. annis

viii d. Able min,

beyng allwayes in

di. a redenes to serve Six. XXthe King's highe ( vii. Majestie

Bondemen of blood, whos Bodies and Goodes yccxxvii. are allwayes at the King's pleasure, Spiritualties.


iiixv li. Personages

iiii d.


xxxii li Pensions


li. XVviji.

jii s, q. Porcions of jiji li. Tithes

VS, Proxies and Sy-> nodes

Liii s. q.

li. viii
s. ix d.

Bondmen of Blood, apperteyning unto the saide late attainted Mona. stery,


servethe King's highe Majestye,

iii s.


xvi s.

The totall
Somme of all
the foresaide
Landes, 1
Rentes and
Possessions, iii.
whiche was

certifyed una | li. xiii
to the King's s. ili
most Highe d. ob.
Majestie, for 9.
the Tenth of
the same late


L 3

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