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WHEN we first conceived the design of compiling a work of this description, we were not aware that any previous work had been written on the subject, and were quite surprised when M. Bibaud’s “Pantheon Canadien” was placed in our hands. Upon examination, however, of this little book, we found that many of our greatest men had been excluded from notice, and many obsolete characters flourished therein who had hardly any claim to be mentioned at all; and above all that it was devoted nearly altogether, or in a great measure, to one portion of the community. Observing this, we determined to pursue our undertaking, with what success, we must leave the candid, discriminating and indulgent reader to say. The great object which has actuated us in writing these series of biographical notices or sketches, has been to place on record, in as simple and unostentatious a manner as possible, the services of those men who have fought, bled, and served in this province, and with whose names history has made us familiar, but with regard to whose private career it is silent; we trust that hereby some worthy names and memories may not be allowed to pass into oblivion. From these annals it will appear that we have had and do possess men as truly great, talented and devotedly loyal as any other kingdom, not excepting the mother country herself. We may also be able to convince the youth of this rising nation, that their sires, grandsires, and great-grandsires, had names associated with great deeds and glorious efforts in the cause of freedom and loyalty. We have endeavored, perhaps, without success, to render this work as complete as possible, so as to satisfy both portions of the communities in which we live, and to be as unprejudiced and dispassionate in our opinions as we could. What we have written has been written in no cringing or servile spirit, but in honest sincerity, and comes impartially from the heart. A just pride, an intense love of our native country, and an ardent hope and desire for its future greatness, have alone enabled and prevailed on us to go through a task of great mental labor, yet to us one of love. Our only regret is, that the work is not sufficiently perfect; and that we have not done sufficient justice to those characters whose portraits and careers we have endeavored to pourtray.

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BY THE AUTHOR IN writing THIs work, AND To which HE IS INDEBTED Fort information.

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ADAMsox, Rev. Dr., 387.
Alcock, Chief-Justice, 135°
Allan, Hugh, 669.
Allen, Rev. J. A., 747.
Alleyn, Commander, 274.
Alleyn, Hon. C., 633.
Alleyn, E., 633.
Amherst, 50.
Angers, Real, 761.
Arthur, Sir G., 376.
Aylmer, Lord, 288.
Aylwin, Hon. Judge, 422.

Baer, Hon. J., 277. Badgley, Hon. Judge, 492. Bagot, Sir C., 415. Baldwin, Admiral, 155. Baldwin, Hon. R., 397. Baldwin, Col., 733. Baldwin, Lieut., 734. Barclay, Capt. R. H., 212. Bardy, Dr., 69. Barre, Dela, 30. Barthe, J. G., 482. Bayfield, Admiral, 480. Bayne, Rev. Dr., 486. Baynes, Gen., 200. Beaubarnois, Marquis de, 36. Bedard, Justice P., 245. Bedard, Justice E., 353. Berczy, W., 110. Berczy, C.A., 113. Bibaud, M., 412. Bibaud, F.M.U.M., 759. Bidwell, Hon. M. S., 349. Billings, E., 693. Bisshopp, Col. C., 225. Blackstone, H., 152. Blanchet, François, 164. Blanchet, Dr. J., 548. Bloomfield, Gen. T., 93. Bonnycastle, Sir R. H., 356. Bouchette, Col., 141. Bouchette, Commodore, 141. Bougainville, 58. Boulton, Hon. H. J., 263. Bourdages, L., 161. Bourlamaque, 57. Bowen, Bishop, 458.

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CAbot, Sir J., 5.
Cabot, S., 5.
Caldwell, Sir J., 316.
Callières, De, 32.
Cameron, Angus, 773.
Cameron, Hon. M., 630.
Cameron, Hon. J. H., 773.
Campbell, Sir W., 238.
Capreol, F. C., 751.
Caron, Hon. Judge, 472.
Cartier, Jacques, 1.
Cartier, Hon. G. E., 603.
Cartier, Hon. J., 603.
Cary, T., junr., 157.
Cary, J., 157.
Cary, T., 156.
Cathcart, Earl, 448.
Cathcart, Sir G., 456.
Cauchon, Hon. J., 609.
Chabot, Hon. Judge, 470.
Chambers, Admiral, 91.
Champlain, 8.
Chapman, Hon. Judge, 296.
Charlevoix, 34.
Chauveau, Hon. P. J. O., 545.
Chewett, Col., 230.
Christie, Robt., 357.
Clarke, Sir A., 113.
Clemo, E., 766.
Clitherow, Gen., 406.
Cochran, Hon, Judge, 132,

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Drummond, Col. G., 208.

Drummond, Col., 223.

Ducalvet, 104.

Dunlop, Commodore, 362.

Dunlop, W., 412.

Dunn, Col., 701.

Dunn, Hon. T., 134.

Dunn, Hon. J. H., 268.

Dunn, Gen., 273.
Du Ponte, 40.

* Dupré, Col., 97.

Duquesne, Marquis, 41.

Durham, Earl of, 364.

Durnford, Gen., 415.

Eccles, Capt., 276.

Eccles, H., 277.

Eccles, W., 277.

Elgin, Earl of, 500,

Elmsley, Chief Justice, 140.

England, Gen. Sir R., 377.

Eustache, Sir J. R., 344.

Evans, Wm., 766.

Eyre, Sir Wm., 635.

FALARDEAU, Chevalier, 711.

Fargues, Dr., 372.

Faribault, J. B., 410.

Fenouillet, Emile de, 760.

Ferland, Abbé J. B. A., 749.

Fisher, Dr. J. C., 308.

Fitzgibbon, Col., 191.

Fletcher, Hon. Judge, 231.

Forsyth, Major, 728.

Foucher, Hon. Judge, 140.

Fraser, Gen. S., 69.

Fulford, Bishop, 636.

GAge, Gen. T., 68.

Gallissonnière, De la, 38.

Galt, J., 264, 618.

Galt, Hon. A. T., 618.

Garneau, F. X., 655.

Gibert, Rev. P., 238.

Gilmore, T., 80.

Gingras, Rev. M., 411.

Gipps, Sir G., 321.

Gore, Sir C. S., 343.

Gosford, Earl of, 319.

Gourlay, Robert, 246.

Gowan, Ogle R., 777.

Grant, Sir W., 86.

Grant, Hon. A., 146.

Gregory, Chief-Justice, 70.

Grey, Sir C. E., 323.

Griffin, Col., 345.

Gugy, Col., 517.

Gugy, C., 517.

Gugy, B., 518.

l Gugy, T., 519.

: JHALDIMAND, Sir F., 102.

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