Elementary Introduction to Practical Mechanics: Illustrated by Numerous Examples

Longmans, Green, and Company, 1884 - 339 páginas

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Página 278 - Every body continues in its state of rest or of uniform motion in a straight line, except in so far as it may be compelled by impressed forces to change that state.
Página 278 - Change of momentum is proportional to the impressed moving force, and takes place along the straight line in which that force is impressed.
Página 90 - Prove that the algebraic sum of the moments of two concurrent forces about any point in their plane is equal to the moment of their resultant about the same point.
Página 8 - Centigrade thermometer, the freezing point is marked 0°, or zero, and the boiling point 100° ; the distance between the freezing and boiling points is divided into 100 equal parts; these equal divisions are carried as far below the freezing point and above the boiling point as desired.
Página 63 - ... the sum of the moments of those forces which tend to turn the body in one direction about...
Página 84 - If three forces acting at a point are in equilibrium, each force is proportional to the sine of the angle contained between the directions of the other two.
Página 16 - ... if, therefore, three pillars be taken, differing only in the form of their ends, the first having both ends rounded, the second one end rounded and one flat, and the third both ends flat, the strength of these pillars will be as 1 — 2 — 3 nearly.
Página 295 - It is evident from the definition of the moment of inertia of a body with respect to a given axis...
Página 319 - ... that the distance from the point of suspension to the centre of the ball is the length of the pendulum, show that the error is less than the 0-001 of an inch.
Página 24 - ... the number of strokes per minute 11. How many cubic feet of water will it raise per minute from a depth of 25 fathoms, the modulus of the engine being -6, and a cubic foot of water weighing 62'5 lbs. ? 7. Define the terms, 'centre of oscillation,' 'centre of percussion'

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