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1. Why do men live together in society? Because God made them to live together in society. 2. How does that appear?

God has given to men a social nature, which renders society necessary to their happiness and improvement.

3. If a man is willing to forego the advantages of society, may he not cease to be a member of it?

He has no right to forego the advantages of society.

4. Horo does that appear?

God designed that he should live in society and enjoy its benefits, and he has no right to act contrary to that design.

5. What is necessary in order that men may live together in peace. in society ? There must be good laws obeyed and enforced.

6. Why are laws necessary?

They are necessary to restrain men from interfering with one another's rights.

7. How does this appear ?

Experience has shown that some men are disposed to act unjustly, and hence need to be restrained by law.

8. Who makes and executes the laws ?
The government.
9. Who make the government ?
The people.

10. May the people make just such a government as they choose?

They may, provided it is adapted to secure justice and the public prosperity.

11. What power does the government possess? The power conferred upon it by the people.

12. Can the people authorize the government to act unjustly?

They cannot. Justice is the fundamental law which both the people and the government are under obligation to obey.

13. What is the instrument by which the people determine the form and define the powers of government?

The Constitution.

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14. Who make the laws ?
The legislature.
15. What is the legislature?

A body of men chosen by the people to make laws.

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