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E a te enamelec gan die ske nag PIE SITS ITS EM U m vert sit

mat have seer ruset I magnet. Era Fri comnamos mart & ant

I sr: mi Serie, ani Eneas ex.

Ini CaramedF. minu eres that shone; I Sur Camilia ani Penthesis. IDR

U cher Sic: mà mg Latinas old,

Thu Fri Læri saiz, is daaritar troe. Tha: S-U Fur chased Taqi I bebold,

Carnain Juin Man and Locomece ;

Ancimet war: Ines Saint the bold. bes. I IT i niew somewhat increase,

I saw the master-sage of those who box
Mostphic kundred sit in peace:
A gaz oz. bim: si ao im bomage, lor.

There Socrates and Pato both advance
Bedire tbe rest, and Deara to him go.


Democritus who deemed the world a chance,

Diogenes, Anaxagoras, Thales true,

Empedocles with Zeno met my glance, And Heraclitus. I the gatherer knew,

Good Dioscorides. Orpheus I see,

Tullius, Linus, moral Seneca too, Euclid the geometrician, Ptolemy,

Hippocrates, Galenus, Avicenne,

Averroes who made the commentrie. I can't at full retrace all I saw, then ;

Because the long discourse constrains me so

That, oft, my words to tell the fact are vain. The company of six lessens by two;

Another way led that sage guide of mine,

From the still air to that which trembles through, And soon I came where nought may ever shine.


Thus, from the primal circle I went down

Into the second, which engirds less space,

And so much more of pain, and restless moan. There standeth Minos, horrible in face,

And grins. The guilt he tries of all who come,

At the entrance; judgeth, and allots their place. I say that, when the soul of evil doom

Before him comes, it owns its deeds of wrong,

And he, who weigheth all the works of gloom, Sees to what place in Hell it doth belong:

Round him, so many times, he folds his tail

As to degrees of depth shall that be flung.
Before him many such stand ever, pale:

By lots, they go unto the judgment, each
They say, and hear, and are cast down to bale.



O thou that dost the dolorous dwelling reach,

Said Minos, when he looked upon me first,

Leaving the acts which his dread duties teach : Mark how thou enterest, and in whom hast trust :

Let not the ample entrance thee beguile.

And to him spake my guide: Why say'st thou thus ? Hinder not thou his fated course, the while:

So it is willed, where all that's willed can be ;

Then, question thou no further. Now the wild And woeful notes made themselves heard by me:

Now am I come where many moans affright

Mine ear, and weary plaints begin to be. I came unto a place, deprived of light,

Which bellowed, as the sea in tempest does,

When adverse winds against the billows fight. The infernal whirlwind that ne'er finds repose

Carries the spirits with it, in its wrath,

Turning and striking them, as round it goes.
When they came on, before the ruin's path,

There were the outcries and laments, I wis;

There they blasphemed the power their Maker hath.
I learned that unto torments such as this

The carnal sinners were condemned, alway,
Who yield their reason to desire, submiss.

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