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Young 44 Samwell 45

Samwell 55

PAGI. No. 12. Motning, or the Complaint Gregory 1 Meditation and Beauty

Milion 7 Evening, or the Fugitive

Gregory 8
On Shakespeare

Milton 14

Young 20
Cymon and Iphigenia

Dryden 21
The Negro Boy
Virtue and Evil

Milton 47
To Mr Skinner, &c.

Samwell 48
The Cit's Country Box

Lloyd 50
On visiting the Grave of Sterne

Milton 56
The Firft of April

VOLUME IV. No. 13. Retaliation

Goldsmith 1 The School Mistress

Shenstone 8
Ode to Wisdom

Miss Carter 20
Dean Swift's Curate
Ad Amicos

An Ode, written in the year 1746. Collins 28
Oriental Eclogues
Thanks to the Deity

Young 41
A Pastoral Ballad

Shenstone 42
Sonnet to Expression

Miss Williams 51
The Pallions
Human Life

Young 56


Warton 57

Swift 24.

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Collins 52

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Burns 53

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No. 21. An Essay on Translated Verse Roscommon 1
Bower of Bliss

Spenser 19
Prologue to the Satires

Pope 22
Epilogue to the Satires

The Cotter's Saturday Night
The Modern Courtier

Anon 60
No. 22. Windsor Forest

Pope 1

Parnell 17
The Friendly Contest

Anon 20
Leonidas' Address, &c.

Glover 21
Leonidas' Answer, &c.
Pathetic Farewell of Leonidas, &c. ibid. ib.
Characters of Teribazus and Ariana
Ariana and Polydorus, &c.
On Liberty, &c.

Cowper 33
Epistotary Verses, &c.

Lloyd 35
On Content
Veni Creator Spiritus, &c. Dryden 41
Discord's House

Spenser 42
Report of an adjudged Cafe Cowper 46
The Revenge of America

Warton 48
The Choice of Hercules
On a Goldfinch, &c.

Cowper 60
No. 23. The Calle of Indolence

Thomson 1
The Man of Sorrow

Greville 58


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Anon. 40

Lowth 49

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