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Ilail, facred Peace! hail, long-expected days, That Thames's glory to the stars shall raise ! Tho' Tyber's streams immortal Rome behold, Tho' foaming Hermus swells with tides of gold, From Heaven itself tho' seven-fold Nilus flows, And harvests on a hundred realms beslows; Thefe now no more shall be the Muses themes, Loft in my fame, as in the sea their streams. Let Volga's banks with iron squadrons shine, And groves of lances glitter on the Rhine ; Ler barb'rous Ganges arm a servile train ; Be mine the blessings of a peaceful reign! No more my sons shall dye with British blood Red Iber's sands, or Ilster's foaming flood :

fhore each unmolested fwain Shall tend the flocks, or reap the bearded grain ; The shady empire shall retain no trace Of war or blood but in the sylvan chace; The trumpet sleep while cheerful horns are blown, And arms employ'd on birds and beasts alone. Behold! th' ascending villas on my side Project long shadows o'er the crystal tide. Behold! Augusta’s glitt'ring spires increase, And temples rise, the beauteous works of peace. I see, I see, where two fair cities bend Their ample bow, a new Whitehall ascend ! There mighty nations shall enquire their doom, The worlds great oracle in times to come ;


Safe on my

There kings shall sue, and suppliant states be feen
Once more to bend before a British queen,

Thy trees, fair Windsor ! now shall leave their woods,
And half thy forels rush into my floods,
Bear Britain's thunder, and her cross display,
To the bright regions of the rising day :
Tempt icy seas, where scarce the waters roll,
Where clearer flames glow round the frozen pole;
Or under southern skies exalt their fails,
Led by new stars, and borne by spicy gales :
For me the bal shall bleed, the amber flow,
The coral redden, and the ruby glow;
The pearly shell its lucid globe infold,
And Phæbus warm the rip’ning ore io gold,
The time shall come when, free as feas or wird,
Unbounded Thames shall flow for all mankind;
Whole nations enter with each swelling tide,
And seas but join the regions they divide ;
Earth's distant ends our glory shall behold,
And the new world launch forth to seek the old.
Then ships of uncouth form shall flem the tide,
And feather'd people crowd my wealthy side ;
And naked youths and painted chiefs admire
Our speech, our colour, and our firaüge attire !
Oh stretch thy reign, fair Peace! from shore to shore,
Till Conquest cease, and Slavery be no more ;
Till the freed Indians in their naked

groves Reap their own fruits, and woo their fable loves ;


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Peru once more a race of kings behold,
And other Mexicos be roof?d with gold.
Exild by thee from earth to deepest hell,
In brazen bonds shall barb'rous Discord dwell;
Gigantic Pride, pale Terror, gloomy Care,
And mad Ambition shall attend her there'

There purple Vengeance bath'd in gore retires,
Her weapons blunted, and extinct her fires;
There hateful Envy her own snakes shall feel,
And Persecution mourn her broken wheel :
There Faction roar, Rebellion bite her chain,
And gafping furies thirst for blood in vain.

Here cease thy flight, nor with unhallow'd lays
Touch the fair fame of Albion's golden days :
The thoughts of Gods let Granville's verfe recite,
And bring the scenes of op'ning fate to light :
My humble Mufe, in unambitious trains,
Paints the green foreils and the flow'ry plain,
Where Peace descending bids her olives spring,
And scatters blessings from her dove-like wing,
Ev’n I more sweetly pass my careless days,
Pleas’d in the filent fhade with empty praise ;
Enough for me, that to the lift'ning fwains
First in these fields I sung the fylvan strains.



HE fleeting joys, which all affords below,

Work the fond heart with unperforming show;
The wish that makes our happier life compleat,
Nor grasps the wealth nor honours of the great;
Nor loosely fails on Pleasure's easy stream,
Nor gathers wreaths from all the


of fame;
Weak man, whose charms to these alone confine,
Attend my prayer, and learn to make it thine.

From thy rich throne, where circling trains of light
Make day that's endless, infinitely bright;
Thence, heavenly Father ! thence with mercy dart
One beam of brightness to my longing heart,
Dawn through the mind, drive Error's clouds away,
And still the rage in Passion's troubled sea;
That the poor banish'd soul, ferene and free,
May rise from earth, to visit heaven and thee:

Come, Peace divine ! shed gently from above,
Inspire my willing bofom, wond'rous Love;
Thy purpled pinions to my shoulders tye,
And point the passage where I want to fly..


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But whither, whither now! what powerful fire
With this bleft influence equals my desire ?
I rise (or Love, the kind deluder, reigns,
And acts in fancy such enchanted scenes) ;
Earth lessening flies, the parting skies retreat,
The fleecy clouds my waving feathers beat :
And now the sun and now the stars are gone,
Yetitill methinks the spirit bears me on.
Where tracts of æther purer blue display,
And edge the golden realm of native day,

Oh, ftrange enjoyment of a bliss unseen!
Oh, ravishment! Oh, facred rage within !
Tumultuous pleasure, raisid on peace of mind,
Sincere, excessive, from the world refin'd;
I see the light that veils the throne on high,
A light unpierc'd by man's impurer eye ;
I hear the words, that iffuing thence proclaim,
65. Let God's attendants praise his awful name !".
Then heads unnumber'd bend before the shrine,
Myflerious feat of Majesty divine !
And hands unnumber'd strike the filver string,
And tongues unnumber'd Hallelujah fing,
See, where the shining Seraphims appear,
And sink their decent eyes with holy fear.
See flights of angels all their feathers raise,
And range the orbs, and, as they range, they praise ;
Behold the great Apostles, sweetly met,
And high on pearls of azure æiher set.


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