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lay at my howse and Mr. Skydmor's dowghter, and the Quene's dwarf Mrs. Tomasin. June 8th, my wife went with Mistres Skydmor to the court. June 12th, Mr. Zackinson and Mr. Cater lay at my howse, having supped at my Lady Crofts. June 14th, Mr. Fosku of the Wardrip lay at my howse, and went the next day to London with Mr. Coweller. July 15th, the Lady Croft went from Mortlak to the court at Otlands. June 30th, payd Jane 20s. for thre quarters' wages, so that all that is due is payd, and all other recknengs likewise is payd her 6s. 8d.; and Mary Constable was payd all old reknings 15s., and my wife had eleven pounds to dischardge all for thirteen wekes next, that is, till the 5th of November: I delivered Mr. Williams, the person of Tendring, a lgttre ofatturney agaynst one White of Colches~~12f^jbrasklajmjire.

Aug. 27th, Arthur was weaned this night first. Aug. 28th, my dealing with Sir Humfrey Gilbert for his graunt of discovery. Aug. 30th, Nurse Darant was discharged and had 10s. given her, which was the whole quarter's wages due at a fortnight after Michelmas.

Sept. 6th, the Quene's Majestie cam to Richemond. Sept. 10th, Sir Humfry Gilbert graunted me my request to him, made by letter, for the royaltyes of discovery all to the North above the parallell of the 50 degree of latitude, in the presence of Stoner, Sir John Gilbert, his servant or reteiner; and thereuppon toke me by the hand with faithfull promises in his lodging of John Cooke's howse in Wichcross strete, where wee dyned onely us three together, being Satterday. Sept. 13th, Mr. Lock browght Benjamyn his sonne to me: his eldest sonne also, called Zacharie, cam then with him. Sept. 17th, the Quene's Majestie cam from Rychemond in her coach, the higher way of Mortlak felde, and whan she cam right against the church she turned down toward my howse: and when she was against my garden in the felde she stode there a good while, and than cam ynto the street at the great gate of the felde, where she espyed me at my doore making obeysains to her Majestie; she beckend her hand for me; I cam to her coach side, she very speedily pulled off her glove and gave me her hand to kiss; and to be short, asked me to resort to her court, and to give her to wete when I cam ther; hor. 6£ a meridie. Sept. 14th, I began against Vincent Murphyn. Sept. 15th, I wrote to the bishop of London. Sept. 22nd, my declaration against Vincent Murphin put into the court of Geldhall.

Oct. 3rd, on Munday, at 11 of the clok before none, I delivered-my two rolls of the Quene's Majesties title unto herself in the garden at Richemond, who appointed after dynner to heare furder of the matter. Therfore betwene one and two afternone, I was sent for into her highnes Pryvy Chamber, where the Lord Threasurer allso was, who, having the matter slightly then in consultation, did seme to dowt much that I had or could make the argument probable for her highnes' title so as I pretended. Wheruppon I was to declare to his honor more playnely, and at his leyser, what I had sayd and could say therin, which I did on Tuesday and Wensday following, at his chamber, where he used me very honorably on his behalf. Oct. 7th, on Fryday I cam to my Lord Threasorer, and he being told of my being without, and allso I standing before him at his comming furth, did not or would not speak to me, I dowt not of some new greif conceyved. Oct. 10th, the Quene's Majestie, to my great cumfort (hora quinta), cam with her trayn from the court and at my dore graciously calling me to her, on horsbak, exhorted me briefly to take my mother's death patiently, and withall told me that the Lord Threasorer had gretly commended my doings for her title, which he had to examyn, which title in two rolls he had browght home two howrs before; she remembred allso how at my wive's death it was her fortune likewise to call uppon me.* At 4

* His first wife died on the 16th of March 1575, when " the Queen's Majestie, with her most honourable Privy Council, and other her Lords and Nobility, came purposely to have visited my library: but finding that my wife was within four houres before buried out of the house, her Majestie refused to come in; but willed to fetch my glass CAMD. SOC. DEE. C

of the clok in the morning my mother Jane Dee dyed at Mortlak; she made a godly ende: God be praysed therfore! She was 77 yere old. Oct. 20th, I had by my jury atGeldhall £100 damages awarded me against Vincent Murphyn_the_cogfiner. Oct. 22nd, with much ado I had judgment against Murfin at Geldhall. My mervaylous horsnes and in manner spechelesnes toke me, being nothing at all otherwise sick. Oct. 25th, Morrice Kyffin departed from me with my leave. Nov. 2nd, the Lord Threasorer sent me a haunche of venison. Thomas Suttley had the bishop of Canterbury his letter for Sir Richard. Nov. 3rd, I writt to my Lord Threasurer. Nov. 6th, Helen cam to my servyse. Nov. 12th, somwhat better in my voyce. Nov. 22nd, the blasing star* I cold see no more, though it were a cler night. Dec. 1st, newes cam by Dr. Deny from Ireland of the Italiens overthrow whom the Pope had sent, the Quene lying at Richemond. Dec. 6th, the Quene removed from Richmond. Dec. 8th, recepi literas Roma, scriptas per fratrem Laudervicea.

1581.f Feb. 9th, I agreed with Mr. Gentle Godolphin for to release the coosener Vincent Murphin. Feb. 11th, Harry Prise, of Lewsam, cam to me at Mortlak, and told of his dreames often repeated, and uppon my prayer to God this night, his dreame was confirmed, and better instruction given. Feb. 12th, Sir William Harbert cam to Mortlak. Feb. 23rd, I made acquayntance with Joannes Bodinus, in the Chambre of Presence at Westminster, the embassador being by from Monsieur. Feb. 26th, a very fayr calm warm day.

so famous, and to show unto her some of the properties of it, which I did; her Majestic being taken down from her horse by the Earle of Leicester, Master of the Horse, at the church wall of Mortlake, did see some of the properties of that glass, to her Majestie's great contentment and delight."—Compendious Memorial, p. 516. This glass is spoken of again.

* Dee has made a rough sketch of the appearance of this comet, with its long tail, on the margin of the MS.

t An original diary of the chemical experiments made by Dr. Dee in this year is preserved in the Bodleian Library.—MS. Rawl. Miscel. 241.


March 8th, it was the 8 day, being Wensday, hora noctis 10, 11, the strange noysein my chamber of knocking; and the voyce, ten tymes repeted, somewhat like the shrich of an owle, but more longly drawn, and more softly, as it were in my chamber. March 12th, all reckenings payd to Mr. Hudson, £11. 17s. March 13th, Elizabeth Kyrton cam to my servys. March 23rd, at Mortlak cam to me Hugh Smyth, who had returned from Magellan straights and Vaygatz; after that, raynie, stormie wynde, S. W. March 25th, Helen was hyred at our Lady day for the yere for fowr nobles wagis; she had her covenant peny, and allso vjs. viijrf. for her payns taken synce she came. April 3rd, I ryd toward Snedgreene, to John Browne, to here and see the manner of the doings. April 14th, I cam home from Snedgreene. May 25th, I had sight in Xpvo-ra\\o> offerd me, and I saw. June 7th, hora 7£ mane nata est Katharina Dee. June 10th, baptisata a meridie hor. Katharina. Mr. Packington of the court, my Lady Katarin Crofts, wife to Sir James Crofts, Mr. Controller of the Quene's household, Mystres Mary Skydmor of the Privie Chamber, and cosen to the Quene, by theyr deputies christened Katharin Dee. June 17th, yong Mr. Hawkins, who had byn with Sir I" ,Francis Drake, cam to me to Mortlake. June 30th, Mr. John Leonard Haller, of Hallerstein, by Worms in Germany, receyved his instructions manifold for his jornay to Quinsay, which jornay I moved him unto, and instructed him plentifully for the variation of the compas, observing in all places as he passed.

July 6th, my wife churched. July 7th, in the morning at If after mydnight, Mr. Hinde his sonne born. July 10th, my right sholder and elbow-joynt were so extremely in payn that I was not able in 14 dayes to lift my arme owtward not an ynche; the payn was extreme; I used Mr. Larder, Mr. Alles, and Alise Davyes, and abowt the 25 day I mended. July 12th, abowt 10 of the clock i before noone poyep is ivKpebifiXe boyyehves avh ivypareibv\ves ayaivs fie To fit ipaxe, aXfiosr pehi To Xai vtoXevr avhs ov fie, fiayep eypiK xav irapTeXt reX. At the same day the Erle of Lecester fell

fowly owt with the Erle of Sussex, Lord Chamberlayn, calling each other traytor, whereuppon both were commanded to kepe theyr chambers at Greenwich, wher the court was. July 19th, Mr. Henrick went to London to visit his wife and children. July 26th, Mr. Haylok cam, and goodman King with him. July 28th, Mr. Collens did ride into Lincolneshire.

Aug. 3rd, all the night very strange knocking and rapping in my chamber. Aug. 4th, and this night likewise. Katharin was sent home from nurse Maspely, of Barnes, for fear of her mayd's sicknes, and goodwife Benet gave her suck. Aug. 11th, Katharine Dee was shifted to nurse Garret at Petersham on Fryday, the next day after St. Lawrence day, being the 11th day of the month; my wife went on foot with her, and Ellen Cole, my mayd, George and Benjamin, in very great showres of rayn. Aug. 12th, recepi literas a D. Doctore Andrea Hess occultae philosophiae studioso, per Richardi Hesketh amici mei, Antwerpiae agentis, diligentiam in negociis meis, et recepi, una cum Uteris, Mercurii Mensitam seu Sigillam Planetarum. Aug. 26th, abowt 8| (at night) a strange meteore in forme of a white clowde crossing galaxiam, whan it lay north and sowth over our zenith; this clowd was at length from the S. E. to the S. W. sharp at both endes, and in the west ende it was forked for a while; it was abowt sixty degrees high, it lasteth an howr, all the skye clere abowt, and fayr starshyne.

Sept.* 5th, Roger Cook, who had byn with me from his 14 yeres of age till 28, of a melancholik nature, pycking and devising occasions of just cause to depart on the suddayn, abowt 4 of the clok in the afternone requested of me lycense to depart, wheruppon rose whott words between us; and he, imagining with hisself that he had the 12 of July deserved my great displeasure and finding himself barred from vew of my philosophicall dealing

* Dr. Dee, in the Rawlinson MS. just quoted, observes, in his notes on this month, "Mr. Harry Waters went away the 2nd day, malcontent. John Dee, Jesus bless

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